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Ethical Travel Wear Pieces Ideal for Layering Throughout Each Season

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~ a sustainable luxury loungewear brand for the daydreamers, travelers & homebodies ~

A brand you may already recognize from previous posts, Sassind is no doubt one of my favorites in responsibly-made fashion. When it comes to luxurious comfort, they are on top of their game. If you don't like to dress up {especially while traveling} because you want to stay cozy, this is your brand! Not only are their collections comfortable, they are versatile, minimalistic and made with some amazing fabrics. The versatility makes it easy to transition from season to season and pack those suitcases for your travels. They want you to be able to easily layer and mix-and-match all of their garments.

 The 7 garments I own by Sassind are so simple for me to use within my existing wardrobe. Especially with the mild winter temperatures here in Florida, the silk-cotton blend of the V-Neck Jumper gives you just the right amount of coverage and warmth {with a really nice drape, I might add!}. I love the wide light ribbing on both the cuffs and the hem. It makes for a rather flattering fit paired with the draping body and deep v-neck. Same can be said with the Paper Wool Scarf, which is made from 100% Australian merino. It's soft & light, yet great to layer on when you need a little extra warmth. I, also, love the contrast of the raw edges. 

When I first became pregnant, I was nervous about not being able to fit into most of my clothes, and having to buy maternity pieces {which I really didn't want to do}. I started to go through my closet, and pick out clothes I felt could grow with me even though they were definitely not considered 'maternity'. Since Sassind is so great with creating layering pieces, I figured I would have some wiggle room to grow into a few of their designs. The Silk Wide Leg Pants have an elastic back for comfort, and the French Linen Oversized Tee was almost long enough for me to wear as a dress so it's now the perfect tunic for this growing belly. Unfortunately, the Silk Camisole will have to take a back seat for the time being :P 

What I'm most excited about in Sassind's new collection are their cotton jersey pieces. I have a feeling I'm about to live in the Cotton Jersey Jumpsuit. With the relaxed fit around the hips & waist, I can't imagine being anymore comfortable for the next few months. Plus, it has two super cute pockets in the front! I've been layering this piece with numerous different tees {long sleeves, short sleeves, turtle necks}, but I even like the look of it without anything underneath. 

& okay ladies, have you been looking for a tank that is long enough to cover your bum completely?! I have... and I've found one, now. Their Cotton Jersey Scoop Hemmed Tank Top is the perfect length and cut! This is a must-have staple for all of our conscious closets. Plus, you can find it in 8 different colors! 

Below you can find all the pieces I have in my wardrobe {& I switched it to USD for price convenience}: 

Silk Cotton V-Neck Jumper   {$120}

Silk Cotton V-Neck Jumper {$120}

100% Australian Merino 'Paper Wool' Scarf  {   $48}

100% Australian Merino 'Paper Wool' Scarf {$48}

Silk Wide Leg Pant   {$144}

Silk Wide Leg Pant {$144}

French Linen Oversized Tee   {$160}

French Linen Oversized Tee {$160}

Silk Camisole   {$72}

Silk Camisole {$72}

Cotton Jersey Jumpsuit   {$64}

Cotton Jersey Jumpsuit {$64}

Cotton Jersey Scoop Hemmed Tank Top  { $40}

Cotton Jersey Scoop Hemmed Tank Top {$40}

Shop Sassind's entire collection online here - & don't forget to stay up-to-date with new designs on Instagram.

Stay tuned for future OOTDs where I'll mix and match these pieces with other ethical brands <3


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