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Ethical Lingerie can be Sexy! Yes, it’s true.

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In recent light of other consumers saying sustainable fashion is not trendy, sexy, or cool - here is something to help back us up. Anekdot has officially topped my charts on all of the above. This brand will help show the masses how absolutely awesome sustainable fashion really is! 

Handcrafted in Berlin, Anekdot sources leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings in order to create their beautiful underwear. This means less waste, and limited editions. Inspiration comes from the material rather than a design, and is individually handcrafted with love and pride. 

Sofie, the creator of Anekdot, was sweet enough to answer a few questions for us! 

I've fallen in love with the Valentina Bra {pictured above}. 

What was your inspiration behind starting Anekdot?

Precious, special fabrics are my constant source of inspiration. I felt bad knowing about the amount of beautiful waste that the fashion industry leaves behind and that inspired me to give new life to forgotten materials. 

Last year, I met many creative people who are brave enough to question monotonous lifestyles, follow their passion and work with their artistry. This inspired me to do what I Iove: design, travel, meet interesting people, get inspired by new cultures and nature, and to create with my own hands. Running a lingerie brand makes it possible to have the lifestyle I'm passionate about. I can often bring my job with me without being locked in one place. I design in an environment where I feel inspired, I travel to find fabrics, I move around to meet people to collaborate with. Underwear takes so little space that I can travel with some stock and send orders from different locations in the world. 

It´s all about finding the joy in life to find the happiness of just being alive. I am carving my own path which is a part of that.

Pictured: Clash High Set & Leaf Decor High Set

What are the future plans for Anekdot?

I am pretty humble in that way and want to be small and precious; like the small local bakery making the most delicious cinnamon buns. In the near future, I want to spread Anekdot to some more cities and countries and I’m currently brainstorming ideas on how to grow in the most sustainable way. 

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