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Ethic Goods

A social business based out of Washington, D.C., Ethic Goods was created to offer sustainable jobs to support low income, at-risk women. Maegan Hawley, the founder, noticed a need for a social-impact ethical shop offering products which can easily fit into the modern day woman's closet. Reflecting on her own artisan items she had accumulated over time through travels, she had much appreciation but little excuse to wear them. In 2011, Maegan learned of the great impact small artisan shops had on their local economy. She was visiting a jewelry shop of an anti-trafficking organization in Thailand, and filled her suitcase with goodies. It was not until that evening she sat down with a woman from the town, and realized how important these shops really were. This is why Ethic Goods partners with over 100 HIV positive women in Addis, Ethiopia - to promote sustainable livelihoods through dignified work, and encourage a stronger future for themselves, their families and their communities. 

We are motivated by one simple purpose: To offer beautiful accessories that can be worn everyday, while empowering the women who make them.
— Ethic Goods

I'm wearing the sophisticated & chic Ladder Necklace made from bullet casings that have been collected from previous conflict areas of east Africa. It is amazing to see such a positive twist put onto something once so negative.

Local farmers dig up the shells from the ground, and melt them down to be made into beads. The artisans pay close attention to detail, and only pick the best of the best. They are very well handcrafted, and I love the play on geometric and negative space. They have several styles in which they use same the medium, and they all have a very unique design. Check out some of them below for some of my favorites! 

The Ladder Necklace has a sister - the Ladder Bracelet. Can't decide to wear silver or gold? Wear both with the Ombre Layer Necklace! The Circle Bracelet looks lovely around the wrist, and is an Ethic Goods favorite. Guess what - they also have bags!! The Ethic Passport Bag is perfect for the traveler, and is helping women rebuild their lives. 

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Everyone’s legacy will be what we do with what we have. We want Ethic’s legacy to be a better and more beautiful world.
— Ethic Goods