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Human & Hope Association

With 1 in 4 Cambodians over the age of 15 being illiterate and 20% of Cambodians living under poverty, Human & Hope Association is working to educate, train and support marginalized villagers in order to reduce poverty and increase literacy. A new year is approaching - their 6th year of service - and they need your help!! They need to raise $15,000 in order to fund their education programs for 2017. Here's where you come in - Each purchase of an Elephant {made by graduated sewing students from Human and Hope Association} is supporting women and their families with shelter, education and healthcare, as well as the education for over 150 Cambodian children. Click below to see how you can make a difference and help Human & Hope Association reach their goal!! 

Their campaign, which launched this week, is working to raise $15,000 AUD by August 25th. Through the purchase of these sweet little elephants pictured above, we can help break the cycle of poverty through education. {although elephants can only be shipped to Australian residents, for those of us living outside the country we are still able to donate!}

There are ten adorable elephants waiting to be adopted by you!! Heck - get the whole family :D

Amao Jr – Provides a month of clean drinking water for the students at HHA, keeping them healthy
Bopha Jr – Provides students with access to a library for a day so they can increase their knowledge
Sangha Jr – Provides an art lesson to a class of students, promoting creativity which is often stifled at public school
Somlei Jr – Provides a child protection workshop to empower our students to stand up to abuse
Srey Jr – Provides four living values lessons to address social issues and improve the behaviour of our students
Amao – Provides a month of language education to an illiterate child, enabling them to read and write in their native language
Bopha – Provides a month of English classes to a child so they can increase their future job and study opportunities
Sangha – Provides a month of preschool education to a five-year-old, putting them on the right track to an educated life
Somlei – Provides a hygiene workshop, preventing illness and disease
Srey – Provides a child with a scholarship and study resources, ensuring poverty does not stop them from being educated

If you are wanting to donate, and not receive an elephant, that is totally fine! Just click Donate at the top of the campaign. 

You may be wondering, "What type of education am I supporting?". At Human & Hope, they are putting together an assortment of classes for the children to supplement their public school education. Children will partake in English language classes, living classes {for attitude and behavior}, Khmer classes {native tongue}, preschool classes {for the little ones}, art classes and library. A lot of the classes are about playing catch up so they can easily adapt with their peers and classes in a conventional school.

Human & Hope Association is a wonderful NGO based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They understand sustainable communities are built through empowerment and not direct aid. In addition to their education programs, they offer vocational training in sewing and home business, as well as community projects in microfinance, farming, workshops, university scholarships and support for a rural English school. Looking for other ways to support this great NGO? Their team of sewers make additional products which are sold online through their Hope Handicrafts shop - so after donating and adopting your elephant, check it out! 

Click - here - to help support education & sustainable livelihoods. Stay up-to-date with all things campaign on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter