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Windward Made

Influenced by patterns, colors & compositions within nature, Windward Made's simplicity is a breath of fresh air. All prints are designed by the talented Dutch artist, Inge van Geem {who is also the creator of this beautiful brand}, and scarves are ethically sewn in Germany. Inge is a strong advocate for sustainability, which is shown within her own brand from start to finish. What is so unique about Windward Made are the prints - Inge puts a lot of love and time into creating each design. Starting with pencil {or paint} on paper, she begins the conscious process. Once the theme is simplified, Inge carves out her own stamps which, later, help create more intricate patterns on the computer. & this is just the beginning... 

With sustainability comes a lot of responsibility. All of the production is done within a 150 mile range. Windward Made uses the finest Belgian Linen, which is grown about 100 miles away from the Netherlands HQ. Linen is extremely strong and durable, and becomes softer with each wear & wash. The plant itself is used entirely, so there is no waste & after many years of wear, your scarf will return to the Earth naturally. The linen fabric then takes its {short} journey to a small printing company in the Netherlands. Ink used in digital printing is water-based & reactive {less waste, yay!}. Something very interesting is their use of water - once it goes threw the printing process, it is used to heat their building. Now, that is impressive!! After the fabric is printed, it is sent to a German atelier to be cut & sewn into scarves.

I'm wearing the lovely Stamped Forest Linen Scarf, which I immediately fell in love with the first time I went to her site. I gravitate towards simplistic patterns, especially ones resembling nature. The contrast & lightness of the fabric is elegant, easy & practical for any day.

p.s... who else has a zebra plant that needs attention EVERYDAY?! :D {shirt by stormie dreams / bed by savvy rest}

Now, how are these gorgeous prints created?! First off, these are all Inge's designs {I love her aesthetic!}, and cross over from her collection of scarves. They are printed on bamboo with archival quality ink which will allow these prints to last up to 98 years. Pretty amazing, right? It is one of those decor pieces you can pass down! You can even find the Stamped Forest as an art print AND a pillow cover, which is made from hemp & organic cotton. Shop all the pillow covers, here. 

As someone who owns a small business, I love promoting & supporting other small businesses. Windward Made ships internationally at a flat rate of EUR 6,25 {about $7}, which is great news for us in the States! To shop the entire collection - click here - & don't forget to follow on Instagram!!