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Eco-Friendly, Reusable Water Bottles On A Mission...

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to provide 6 months of clean water


I speak about daily sustainable switches you can easily make on the blog quite often. Typically, it is geared towards the environment rather than a cause. It isn't often you find both morphed together - that's why Yuhme was such a rare & beautiful find. By taking our everyday need of water and paying it forward, we can create less waste AND save lives through Water for Good. Not only are our need for disposable bottles eliminated, the Yuhme bottles themselves are eco and made from sugarcane. That's right - sugarcane - who knew such a thing exists?! It's because of social entrepreneurs {like the creators of Yuhme} we are able to support a cause while considering the environment and our day-to-day. 

So how did this wonderful brand begin? 

It started with a simple question - “How can we make a difference? To ourselves, our children, and to the lives of others?” 

Husband and wife, Alex & Alex, were both former athletes. Alexandra worked as a CEO of a tech company, and was a former elite swimmer - her husband, an ex semi-pro rugby player. After becoming inspired to create a social business, they decided to focus on water initiatives and a product they used quite often in their previous life - the water bottle. Knowing the product must be eco-friendly to avoid waste & negative impacts on the environment {plastic and social initiatives just don't go hand-in-hand these days!}, they sought out the perfect material. Sweden, where Yuhme is based, is home to a producer of sugarcane bioplastic. This was the first time I have ever heard of the material, and I'm loving the idea! Yuhme has posted a video on their site, and I thought it would be nice to include in this blog. Nothing like a sweet animated video to get your noggin going. See how plastic is turning green below...

After choosing the right material to produce the water bottle, it was time to pick the water project which most aligned with their ideals. Water for Good is different than most non-profits. Instead of handout, they involve the community and teach them the necessary skills to provide for themselves. I can't stress enough how important it is to support the organizations who put jobs and independence first. It is so easy to give, but much harder to create economic opportunity for those most vulnerable. With over 650 million people lacking access to clean water, Yuhme is just one great way we can help make a difference while being conscious consumers at the same time. Each bottle provides 6 months of clean water to someone living in the Central African Republic. How amazing is that?! We can get rid of the plastic reusables and disposables all while helping those who need it most.

Plus, Yuhme has created three different patterns to choose from:

The Power | The Endurance | The Namaste

Each sugarcane bottle is BPA & toxin free and 100% recyclable. It holds 750ml which is great for a long day's adventure sight-seeing like the ones found within this post {we went to Beer, one of my favorite little towns near my parent's home}. I prefer to use the dishwasher whenever possible because I've found ours to be more sustainable than washing everything by hand, and this bottle is dishwasher safe! All bottles are produced and designed in Sweden, and are able to fit into standard cup holders. One of my favorite parts {besides the fun prints} is how lightweight they are! My new project is making a little crocheted holder for it when I don't bring a tote bag with me. I'm sure I will post it on here in the near future! :) 


To help provide 6 months of clean water & enjoy your water on-the-go shop Yuhme's entire collection - here -

I feel as if I take clean water for granted every day, and toting my Yuhme bottle around is a great little reminder of how fortunate I am and how my purchasing power makes a positive impact for someone else in the world.

Here's to allowing everyone to experience clean, safe water..



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