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In 2013, Christine Myint was online searching for fashionable clothing which did not compromise the Earth and its people. She found it difficult to find everything she loved within one location. Green Orchyd began as a need - somewhere any man, woman or child {with their parents, of course} could shop and feel right about the product they were buying. 

Ever since high school, I have believed that everything in nature has a use. I love plants and flowers, and believed in their therapeutic abilities... I even took biochemistry in college so that I can travel oversees and work for a company that either makes cosmetics or perfume.
— Christine Myint

While looking into making perfumes, Christine couldn't figure out where she wanted to sell. Not wanting to sell her product in a health store, she started searching for Eco-Department stores. Come to find out, there were none, and she was shocked! It dawned on her to create one herself. 

Green Orchyd has several categories for clothing and accessories {Beauty coming soon!!}, and some of my favorite brands, too - like Indigenous! It is a one-stop shop, and very easy to navigate your way through. You can feel the coziness of the garments through the computer, and quality is on point. I have been wearing my Indigenous Mixed Media Pullover a ton {p.s. it's on sale!}. The layers are extremely flattering, and the fabric is made of 100% organic cotton. Indigenous works directly with artisans in Peru paying fair wages, and making little impact on the environment. 

I truly admire a person who takes initiative in creating something we find so little of today, but what we so desperately need! It is very easy to say 'oh, maybe we will find it one day' and not go after it yourself. Can't wait to see how much this mini department store grows - who knows, maybe we will see brick-and-mortars of Green Orchyd anchoring our malls one day ;)

Ready to go shopping? Use code Sustchic30 for 30% off all regular priced items! 

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