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Eco Bracelets Connecting Us to Our Favorite Places on Earth

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Earth Bands

It started with a simple question, "What could I do to inspire people to be happy?". Mark Vaughan thought about this as he drove, and noticed the mountainside's deep red dirt. This sparked an idea - create a bracelet made from Earth that could connect us to those memorable places. I find this to be a brilliant idea, and it sure does beat a refrigerator magnet. Plus, they give back! Each Earth Band purchased, $1 is donated to the organization of your choice. You can choose from Rainforest Action Network {campaigns for the forest}, Protect Our Winters {positive climate action} or Sea Shepherd {marine wildlife conservation}. I love Earth Band's mission 'to raise humanities vibe by connecting us to what we love'. It is so needed at this time, and I'm sure you agree!! Each band is meant to empower, spread awareness and create a positive impact. I always say, what we wear is a great conversation starter. Everyday, someone asks about something I'm wearing, and everyday, I get to talk about a movement I care about so much :)

All Earth Bands are handmade in Northern California with 100% of the materials sourced from right here in the US. Keeping their carbon footprint small is important to them, just like it is to us! Each bead is made from earth & sand collected from our favorite places like St. Augustine or Portland, Oregon for instance. The cord is made from hemp, and they even print their display tags on recycled paper with soy-based inks. What's super cool, they make custom orders so if you have a company, resort, event or special location in mind Earth Bands can make it happen! Wouldn't a bracelet for a beach wedding be a great way to commemorate the day!?

I chose two bracelets with cities meaningful to me. I grew up near St. Augustine, and spent lots of time in the area - actually I was just there the other week, too! Portland is one of my favorite US cities, and I've been lucky to visit a couple times over the last few years. However, I never brought anything back with me {except a magnet - that's why the comment above ^} so having a piece of actual Portland is quite special to me. 

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