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I think one of the most difficult things to find when it comes to sustainable fashion is great activewear. Especially the more flattering, minimalistic kind. If you are someone who leads an active lifestyle - even those who are just running from here to there all day - you probably want something functional, comfortable and {obviously} good looking. Good news, Fibre Athletics is checking all of those features off our list - and even more! This is truly a performance-wear brand who is embracing every part of sustainability so we don't have to live with guilt when shopping for our active life. 

Chicago-based Fibre Athletics takes transparency seriously, and because of this all manufacturing is done {ethically} in the USA. Plus, they are a Chicago Fair Trade member so you can feel confident in how the materials are chosen and sewn. They make sure to only use low-impact dying processes which require less water and produces bolder, long-lasting colors. In order to minimize their carbon footprint & support healthy farming, they source recycled and organic fibers for their fabrics. Their moisture wicking technology dries your fabric quick while keeping you safe and the environment clean {yeah, it's biodegradable!}. Since you know how much I love a timeless, quality garment, I think it's important to mention how well made their products are and how easy they can fit into your wardrobe {no obnoxious colors or logos}. They also believe in social impact; therefore, every purchase supports the Eden Project and the Cara Program. The Eden Project is helping alleviate poverty by restoring healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Nepal, and the Cara Program is breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty through motivation & jobs. 

so yeah... Fibre Athletics is seriously taking activewear to the next level!! 

& what's great, they are making their line for both men AND women...

I'm wearing the Everywhere Jacket {in black} made from 100% organic cotton and the Pursuit Top {in berry} made from 100% recycled polyester. I am a pretty active person - I love hiking, running, biking - but I don't really own much 'activewear' mainly because I've never found much I like or feel is necessary to add to my wardrobe. Can't say the same for this set!! Honestly, this jacket is truly made for everywhere {okay.. maybe not a cocktail party :P}. It's warm, comfortable, fits great with its contour seam lines and has a versatile hood. Plus, the bottom dips in the back making it perfect to wear with leggings {& your Pursuit top, wink}. When you're on a run or biking around, you can store your keys, ID and cash in a secret pocket in the front pouch! Pretty clever, ey? The Pursuit Top also has this sneaky little pocket in the back, as well. The curved hem makes it ideal to pair with active leggings, and the ragan sleeves are great for movement. This shirt is seriously soft and flattering!! 

psst.. these pieces come in more colors.. {click to start shopping}

& because we can't forget the men in our life... click - here - to shop for them.

Are you ready to make your active lifestyle a little more sustainable? 

Visit Fibre Athletics online, and get social on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. PLUS, use code sustainablychic for 10% off your entire purchase!!

It's time we put more thought into everything we wear. 

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