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One Happy Leaf..

is more than a jewelry line, it's a collection that fights to protect our Earth & the beings that live on it. Using quality eco-friendly bamboo, each piece is lovingly designed & created by Anna Anagno - an environmental scientist by education {so, naturally, she knows her stuff!}. Keeping the environment, animals & people in mind during the entire process, materials are certified, portions of proceeds go to protecting abused animals and packaging supports sustainable jobs in Bali. How wonderful is that?!

I am SO happy to be adding to my One Happy Leaf collection. The Silver Fox Necklace {my first} is one of my favorite pieces I own. Anna is full of talent, and designs all the pieces herself before creating the digital image to laser cut the bamboo. I've enjoyed seeing her posts & new designs on Instagram, and now I get to enjoy wearing them!! They truly are happy pieces. 

I'm wearing the minimalistic Olive Necklace inspired by olive leaves. The lovely simplicity of this piece makes it easy to dress up or down. It is pretty amazing to hold one of these in person - they are VERY lightweight, yet strong. Also, keep in mind, because of the natural nature of the wood, each piece will have a slight difference in grain - but, hey, that is what makes it so unique and special! 

#ihaveathingwithbirds is an understatement, so falling in love with the Love Birds Necklace wasn't hard. This is the perfect everyday necklace - one that adds a little bit of happiness to the routine outfit #putabirdonit {going hashtag crazy, here}. By the way, besides the sweet jewelry pieces, One Happy Leaf, now, has coasters!! {see below} 

Shop the entire collection - here - & don't forget to follow their beautiful Insta page for updates & sweet inspiration. 

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Sustainably Supported by One Happy Leaf. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone!