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Diary of an 'Ethical' Blogger | How Integrative Health Coaching Made Me More Productive, Calm & Balanced

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Entry 2

Earlier this year, I took a 7-week Thriving Life Coaching Program with Kaméa Chayne. Before I dive into it, I want to mention how amazing this experience was for me. I went into the first session not knowing what to expect because I was completely unfamiliar with this type of health coaching. To be extremely honest {& a bit vulnerable}, I've gone to therapists and psychiatrists in the past, and looking back I kind of wish I had done this type of program while going through the others. I think painting a picture of my future self was something I really needed in my early 20s. I was lost, stressed out & imbalanced. Although I did solve many issues from those sessions, I still lacked a sense of direction. So {for example} if I was to get anxiety about my job later on {like the last few years}, I would immediately get sick to my stomach and work myself to exhaustion all the while still finding so many flaws and imperfections about the work I produced. 

Just to be clear, I wasn't an unhappy person the last few years. I've felt so much better than those early 20s. I just needed something to guide me with all the new pressure put on my life with being an entrepreneur {I'm sure many of you can relate to getting a new job, having a child, etc}. Kaméa's program helped me get back on track, and painted a clear picture of what I needed to work on in order to become more balanced. I can be quite the apprehensive person when trying something new {I'll usually do it but with too many thoughts in my mind}. I truly didn't expect to have such a drastic change in outlook on my life. Whatever crazy magic Kaméa  did on me, I'm glad she did :P haha okay.. so it isn't really like that.. she is more of a guide and YOU get to drive. 

Kaméa's Finally Thrive V.I.P. {Very Intentional Person} Program is 'your secret weapon to calm, confidence, balance, & sustainable success.' Although these aren't my words, I totally stand behind them. Are you someone who is a lot on your plate, but having trouble finding the perfect balance? I highly suggest you schedule a call with Kaméa to see if this program is a good fit for you.

Think you're ready to give this a go?  Schedule your Clarity Call with Kaméa  here & since you're my friend, you get $25 off with my code sustainablychic.


A little more on Kaméa:

At the roots of this program, Kaméa's the author of a research-based book on holistic health, a keynote speaker on wellness and sustainability, and a Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach. As a mission-based entrepreneur herself, she personally understands the stresses that come with such demanding and uncertainty-filled lifestyles, and she's therefore dedicated her Coaching to supporting cause-driven leaders, founders, and change makers.