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Can we try to make International Women's Day last all month? I'll just have it all year on Sustainably Chic :P

A platform dedicated to women empowerment, Tribe Alive is a lifestyle brand helping raise women out of poverty all over the globe through gorgeous handmade clothing, jewelry, handbags, accessories and home goods. They have partnered with talented artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras, and Fort Worth, Texas, and provide each worker with fair-trade wages, a  safe working environment and the power to choose their own future. Tribe Alive believes in transparency, and in order to know exactly where the product comes from {& who made it} they make sure they are on site when it is produced. This worldwide artistic collaboration is a positive business model setting an example for the rest of the industry. By giving respect & opportunity to women workers, we can create change. 

The Tribe Alive Summer 2017 collection is modern, effortless and seriously one of the most stunning 'all-in-one' collections I've seen. To master both home goods and clothing is a rare find! From the simplistic gold jewelry to the woven pillows, it's a hard to decision to pick your favorite. Especially with minimalism on the rise, I can't see my fellow conscious fashion gals not falling in love with this line. It's 'designed for life', and I'm sure you'll agree...

I'm wearing the Classic Stripe Jumper handmade from 100% cotton in Guatemala. I've never owned a Jumper before, and now, can't imagine my closet without one. This piece is so comfortable & versatile {I even did a mini hike in it & then threw on some heels to go out to dinner}!! The straps can be crossed or uncrossed in the back, and are adjustable depending on how much 'room' you want. The woven fabric is lightweight making it ideal for the year's warmer months - and pretty much perfect all year in Florida! The rest of their clothing collection is also made from woven cottons, all easy to add to your wardrobe and appreciate for many years to come {yes, the know how to make a quality garment!! I'm obsessed, to say the least} :D 

I feel like both items I'm featuring in this post are ones I've always wanted! How did they know!? :P I'm still working on my room at our new apartment, but I've been trying to recreate somewhat of a garden around my bed. As I'm sure you know, I have that same succulent addiction like most people these days so this Terra Cotta Hanging Planter fits just right!! Made in Haiti from Haitian Clay, this hanger runs laps around the ones I've been eyeballing the past few months. Always a good thing to hold out for the best, right?! Since I'm still in bedroom makeover mode, more photos of the finished product will come in the next month or so.. stay tuned!! 

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