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Deep Luxury, A New Kind of Luxury Benefitting All

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Also known as Worlds of Opportunities, WOO is a premium lifestyle brand benefitting both the consumer and the maker - I love this concept, it is called Deep Luxury. As much as they brighten your day, all the products improve the lives of the artisans involved. Since 2012, WOO has been working with experts in the field of design to create with producers in developing countries to bring you, the conscious consumer, home fragrances, jewelry, scarves and soaps. WOO embodies all aspects of sustainability - socially, economically and environmentally. It is a win, win *win* for us all. 

Using upcycled vodka, beer and wine bottles, WOO's candles are as sustainable as it gets. With beeswax, sojawax and Swiss perfumes, the candles have a luscious smell and burn up to 100 hours. Bottles are collected in Vietnam by a organized team, and then sent to another team for cleaning, cutting and refining. The beeswax comes from a local Vietnam farmer, and is then blended with bees/soja waxes for longer burn time. The perfume is created in Switzerland, and the cotton wicks are handmade in Germany. A truly global project! 

Pictured above is the Laroo Tranquility candle. Takes the place of a bouquet of flowers in my living room! Made out of a beer bottle, this candle burns up to 35 hours. I'm anxious to get to the bottom to find my lucky coin!

A fan of dainty jewelry, their Y&Y bracelets are the perfect touch for any outfit. They are easily adjustable and finished with a gold plated WOO symbol, 

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