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Create an Organic & Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe for Your Baby with Little Lentil Clothing

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Little Lentil Clothing

Before Elliott was born, I had made up my mind. If I were to buy new clothing for him, it would have to be organic! What we put on their brand new skin is incredibly important. What’s also important is picking brands who make clothes you can easily mix and match - and styles which are practical and everyday! 

Reasons to Love Little Lentil Clothing

Safe & Soft for Baby: All of their clothing is made from 100% certified organic cotton making it incredibly comfy for your baby {& you.. since after all, you are holding and snuggling them so much :D}. Plus, they use low-impact dyes and always produce with fair labor practices!

Capsule Wardrobing for the Little Ones:  I wish I had thought of capsule wardrobing for Elliott in the beginning. We had so many things - mostly gifts - he only wore a couple of times because they weren’t super practical. With Little Lentil Clothing, you can make a 6 [$98] or 10 [$152] piece capsule wardrobe helping you save time and money.

Love the Clothes & Send Them Back: Okay, this is just too cool and isn’t done enough. Kids grow SO fast, and being able to send clothing back to be appreciated by other children is wonderful! PLUS, you can send back your old Little Lentil Clothing and receive 15% off your next purchase. Learn more about their Send-Back Program - here -

psst.. also check out their loved again vintage denim selection!

What Elliott is Wearing

This color is so beautiful, and the name would have had me sold before seeing it. Now that Elliott is becoming a lot more mobile, I like being able to throw a tee over his head with pants that easily slide on. He moves way too much for me to use snaps or buttons. This set is just perfect for both our energy! 


Where to Purchase

You can find Little Lentil Clothing’s entire collection online - here - and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all new products via Instagram!

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