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Tibetan Socks

Hand-knit in the Himalayas, Tibetan Socks are the coziest combination of slippers & socks for your feet. These colorful & warm knitted house slippers are made by women living in small mountain villages of Nepal who are able to stay home and raise their children while making supplemental income. Their craft dates back generations, and each pair is made with a lot of love with one-of-a-kind yarn color schemes. With heavy wool & a super soft fleece lining, these guys will keep your feet warm all year long. If you're like me, even the warm summer months warrant little hugs for your feet {the AC always has me cold}. Click below to see how your purchase impacts the makers and Nepal communities & check out all the fun styles, colors & prints available!

By purchasing a pair of Tibetan Socks you are supporting Tibetan & Nepalese mothers and housewives who have no formal education with several of them being illiterate. This is a wonderful opportunity to offer dignified work for women in the comfort of their own home. Not only does your purchase help create jobs, it also supports three NGOs working to provide education and poverty-relief programs within Himalayan communities.

  • Maiti Nepal is protecting and rehabilitating victims of sex trafficking, and Tibetan Socks provides funds for their books, food & medicine.
  • One pair of socks provides 12 lunches to the 30 students under the care of Tras / Sikkim Lunch Program which was created by a Tibetan monk to help support the impoverished community of Sikkim, India.
  • For the Shedras <monastery schools>, one pair of socks covers two weeks of food & lodging for a Tibetan orphan. These schools are such a valuable asset to the Tibetan community as they conserve their culture and pass it down in teachings to the students.

With last year's devastating earthquake, many Nepalese families are living in tents {still to this day!}. The government has not yet released the relief funds, and many women have turned to knitting in order to make a living and help pass the time. They either knit from home or meet up in groups for a little chit chat! 

Created by Adrien Field's, Tibetan Socks came as a revelation during his spiritual journey to India in the beginning of 2015. It was the middle of winter in Rishikesh & very cold. There was no heat where Adrien was staying and his feet felt like they were walking on ice. He went to a local market and found some socks made by Nepalese women. Falling in love with the product & wanting to give back to the communities, Adrien thought to bring the socks back to America. I'm glad he did because they are amazing!

Tibetan Socks come in two different styles - Long & Ankle - for both men & women, as well as ankle sizes for children. The yarn colors are absolutely beautiful & with no pair being exactly alike, it'll be a little surprise when they arrive! :)

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