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Created in Australia by two sisters, Susan & Amy, KUI's understated silhouettes and natural fibers are the conscious consumer's dream. Made with low impact dyes, the colors are vibrant and on point. Using organic cotton, hemp and blends, the fabrics are soft, breathable and of the highest quality. My Marais Dress is a staple I can wear again and again, no matter the season or year.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, the Ava in Persian Red is the perfect 'date' & 'party' dress. The best part, these dresses are so versatile and can easily fit into any event. Wear with a floppy hat for an easy summer look, or pair with opaque tights for Holiday.  

Click below to read Susan's interview with Sustainably Chic, and how they came to create their seasonless womenswear with consciousness in mind. 

Tell us about KUI and how sustainability is incorporated into your business.

KUI is a womenswear label co-founded by my sister Amy and I (Susan) launched in 2015. We love to create easy seasonless pieces from organic and natural fibers that could be worn and loved for years. Sustainability is something we consciously wanted to incorporate from the brand's inception. It is something we truly care about and so it only made sense to carry that into KUI. We focus our time into sourcing natural fabrics and the people we work with. For our first pieces we have partnered with skilled people who share our values and are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. 

How did KUI begin?

KUI began in our minds well before it became a reality. Amy and I have always had an interest in fashion and it was something we discussed for years. After completing a business degree, I still found myself always dreaming up different pieces so I decided to attend a fashion design course. In a particular class my textiles lecturer explained the benefits of organic cotton, dyes and natural materials. It was foreign to me at the time because I never questioned what my clothes were made out of and that class changed my whole perspective on the industry. Shortly after, we decided to create KUI, offering beautiful clothing made with conscious practices in mind. 

What is your design background?

Most of our design background has been through developing KUI. It is something we really wanted to make happen, so we learnt step by step through this process. We design for ourselves mostly; however, also imagining who our girl is and where she would go. 

What are your favorite materials to use?

We are always drawn to the touch and feel of natural fabrics like cotton, linen and hemp when designing. We favour these purely because of the way the fabrics feels on the skin and breathes, making each piece easy to wear. 

What are the future plans for KUI?

We are working on our future collections at the moment which is always exciting and as a brand we want to continually grow and develop organically.

 Obsessed with their packaging! 

Obsessed with their packaging! 

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