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Clean Smart | Because the Air We Breath Matters

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You've heard of probiotics, now what about Airbiotics? That's right.. it's probiotics for your home! Just in case you aren't familiar - probiotics are live bacteria which are great for your health and especially helpful in your digestive system. When you go to the grocery store, you can find multiple drink brands who offer these wonderful little bacterias {Kevita, Synergy, ect}. I don't go a day without some form of probiotic for my body, so why was I not cleaning with one? After all, shouldn't we be careful about the products we use to clean our house if we are so careful in everything else {beauty, clothing, food}? Anything we use to clean with is going to eventually make its way into our lungs. What we breath is just as important as what we eat.

With Airbiotics, they use external probiotics, which are a bit different than your internal ones. Rather than plant-based, these probiotics are soil-based and work to fight off bad bacteria in our homes and create a protective layer on surfaces. They keep us safe from allergens, contaminants, dust mites & so much more. Airbiotics are all natural, hypoallergenic, non-GMO, non-toxic, alcohol free , fragrance free & {best of all} SAFE FOR PETS :D

So, how do you use Airbiotics? You start with a capful of the All Purpose Cleaner solution, and then mix it in with your spray bottle and 16 oz of water. Needless to say, this cleaner goes a looonng way, and you can keep reusing your spray bottle for less waste. Spray down all surfaces to clean and rid the space of allergens & odors. If you are looking for something quick to freshen up the room, their StaBiotic Mist is perfect for this. I love to use the mist on my furniture,  carpets and even in my car. Plus, they have one made just for pets. I have a cat, so she isn't too keen on being sprayed {you can spray your pets with this to eliminate dander!}, but it is great for her food bowls and liter box. It's nice to know she won't be harmed at all & can benefit just as much as I do.

Are you a busy body who is always on the go? Throw their StaBiotic & Hand Cleaner in your purse so you can stay protected throughout the day. The travel size in the StaBiotic is a must for the gym! 

Curious to get your hands on this new way of cleaning? Shop their products - here - We don't need to breath in the bad stuff anymore. ;)