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When husband and wife duo, Julia & Wayne, sat down to create a little soap company in 2010, they wanted to lay the foundation out right. They have three main principles when producing their products: sustainable, natural & beautiful. This way of doing business isn't as easy as it seems... It takes time, patience & a lot of work to create "clean" products we can feel confident about using. & let's just say... I've thoroughly enjoyed using my Whispering Willow products the last few months!

So, how are they sustainable? Whispering Willow cares about the ingredients they use. They look for certified organic ingredients whenever possible, use recycling packaging AND give back to the charities they are close to {like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society}. If organic ingredients are not used, this doesn't mean they aren't natural. It takes a lot of money and a certification process to be considered organic, so most times 'natural' is the next best thing. {one of these days I will put together an article this!} If Julia & Wayne don't feel comfortable using something, they won't. They make sure to never use sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, scents or colors when creating products for you. As someone who appreciates aesthetics, I love a brand who puts 'beauty' in all they do. Julia & Wayne want their products to work well, smell great & of course, look lovely. What isn't there to be on board about? 

With the holidays, life can get crazy. We have dinners to cook, family to entertain, places to go - a lot happens in the last two months of year. If you are looking for a little bit of R&R, look no further. Whispering Willow has you covered with organic neck pillows & body oils! The Organic Lavender & Flax Seed Neck Pillow can be used hot or cold. I love it heated up at night when I'm falling asleep & even have used it for my swollen wrist {put it in the freezer and laid it on my hand while I worked!}. It has such a soothing smell! If I talk my loving boyfriend into it, I can get a great back rub with their Peppermint Body Oil. I think this scent is made for this time of year, and it makes life SO relaxing. Both of these items would be wonderful stocking stuffers!! 

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