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We all love jewelry, but little do we know about the massive amount of waste produced to create most of the jewelry we see today. The industry produces 20-60 tonnes of toxic waste mining for gold to make ONE ring - shocking, right?! Australian designer, Tanya Coelho, founded Zefyr Jewels in 2009 to create change within the industry and put sustainability first. She says, "I believe that there is enough metal already on the surface for us to not need to mine for the next hundred years". Zefyr's promise to you is to leave the littlest amount of impact on this Earth while creating gorgeous jewelry you can treasure and feel confident wearing. Click below to see how lovely eco jewelry can be, and how you can start dressing your wardrobe up guilt free. 

I think the fashion industry has an obligation, not a choice, to provide greater transparency. The jewellery industry in particular is a crazy, dirty industry and most people are not aware of this.
— Tanya Coelho

All Zefyr jewelry is made from upcycled materials, even 100% recycled brass and recycled sterling silver. The beautiful crystals used are vintage, lead reduced or natural and ethically cut. Their packaging to get their lovely creations to your doorstep are made from 100% recycled card printed with biodegradable vegetable inks. All designs are manufactured ethically in Jaipur, India by artisans who are paid a fair wage under fair working conditions and are visited annually by Tanya. The artisans, also, receive free education, free transport and health checkups. To prevent harming their workers or customers, Zefyr Jewels are 100% nickel free and they use mild salts, biodegradable soaps and fruit acid in their design studio. With Tanya's extensive background in jewelry making, she knows how important safety is in a workshop. 

The Calendula Pendant & Ring are inspired by a vintage button found on the bottom of Tanya's sewing box. It reminded her of a caldendula flower, and it makes for a very dainty piece! I try not to purchase cut flowers, often {these lilies were a gift}, so a permanent one I can wear is pretty perfect for me. Even better, they are created from recycled brass. Always having trouble with the perfect fit on a ring? No worries here - this one is adjustable! If you are looking for something elegant to go with any outfit, this is the go-to pair. I didn't realize how much I liked matching jewelry until this duo made my outfits come together so easily. For more chic and versatile jewelry, check out the Monsoon Collection below!

The Monsoon Collection was inspired by Tanya's travels {like most of her collections} to the mountain regions of Northern Laos. The jewelry is drawn from the geometric patterns of traditional Hmong Hilltribe textiles. Partial profits from this collection go towards a women's workshop in Northern Laos called Kajsiab Laos, where women in need are offered training, support and assistance. 

Help Tanya change the jewelry industry and click - here - to shop their entire line. Don't forget to follow Zefyr Jewels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

 Tanya Coelho daydreaming down the Mekong

Tanya Coelho daydreaming down the Mekong