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Celebrate World Oceans Day with Sea Bags

FashionNatalie Kay

Happy World Oceans Day!

We all know it - the oceans are important, and it is up to us to respect and maintain them. We've done a lot of damage over the years, especially with the use of plastic, and we've got some work to do. There are a lot of companies dedicated to finding alternatives for thrown away plastic, and Sea Bags has a very unique model. Since they began 15 years ago, they have saved over 500 tons of sails from sitting in landfills! All materials are sourced right here in the USA, and bags are produced in Portland, Maine. I'm so excited to be sharing their Limited Edition collection with you featuring the Manta Ray. Click below to see how you can help support Ocean Conservancy this World Oceans Day!!

Starting today {6/8-6/13}, 20% of all sales from the Manta Ray Collection will go directly to Ocean Conservancy, a science-based solution organization tackling the biggest threats to our beautiful oceans. The lovely Manta Ray pictured on the Courier and Wristlet is found mostly in tropical climates, and is a very vulnerable species {as listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature}. The line drawing shows the gorgeous ray in flight - pretty spectacular, right?! 

Help protect our world's oceans by purchasing your very own Limited Edition Manta Ray Courier & Wristlet. The collection is up until June 13th! Let's use fashion to help save the world.

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