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Sustainability within fine jewelry is something I have not come across often enough during the last few years of my ethical fashion journey. I've even had friends ask me where to find ethically made wedding bands, and it's one of the few questions within the industry which really stumped me. Was there such thing? You hear all the horrors of precious stone mining, and witness the lack of transparency within so many jewelers. Not that several aren't free of conflict diamonds, I just hadn't found the perfect fine jewelry collection which embodied sustainability and its many components until Fluid Jewellery. Caelen Ellis, the creator of the Ottawa, Ontario-based Fluid Jewellery, believes in that very transparent & conscious designing I look for in every brand I stand behind. Not to mention, his aesthetics are absolutely stunning. So good luck picking out that engagement ring.. decisions, decisions..

After the birth of Caelen's son, living an ethically & sustainably curated life became even more important to him. This had to cross over in his own work, as well. Within Fluid Jewellery, recycled materials are always prioritized, and certified/conflict free diamonds and stones are a must. With Caelen's passion and extensive training in metal-smithing, he is very drawn to the emotional connection associated with jewelry & wants to create a positive impact with each piece created. Therefore, Mindful Luxe forms the ethical basis for every piece produced. To avoid environmental and social damage, Fluid Jewellery partners with likeminded suppliers of raw material. This includes Fairmined™ gold and silver, recycled metals, Canadian and international conflict-free diamonds, recycled diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and ethically sourced & fairtrade gemstones. {I'm feeling as if I'm learning about a whole other world right now. I'm happy to know the ethical fine jewelry industry is growing!}

Fluid Jewellery doesn't stop there - With every sale 5% if given back to a charity or organization who believes in the very same ethical & sustainable principles. Some of their partners include Tree Canada, WE and the Boys & Girls Club of Canada. 

Now to show you some of the loveliest sustainably-made fine jewelry on the market...

Maybe I can drop a hint with these engagement rings  ;)

His & Her Wedding Bands

Ankh Series | Represents Health, Strength and Eternal Life

Raw Line | Created with Recycled Gold & Ethically Sourced Diamonds

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