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Fair OOTD | Vegan Kicks

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Organic Pocket Turtle Tee, Face a la Mer $20

The Remix Flared Short, Encircled $132

Ankle Socks, Organic Basics $15 (use code OBNATALIE for 10% off your entire purchase through August)

Vegan Sneakers, Beflamboyant $89 (on Kickstarter)

a little bit about this look…

Remember these shorts from my Virtual Romper post this week? They look super cute with tees and kicks for a summer casual look. If you are looking for new sneakers that are both kind to animals and the planet, you need to check out Beflamboyant and back them on their Kickstarter! Their unisex sneakers are made from conscious materials - upper and lining are made of high-quality OEKO TEX and V LABEL certified microfiber - inner lining is produced with zero CO2 emissions and free from chromium VI - shoe laces are 100% cotton, phthalates-free - sides are 50% recycled cotton, 25% virgin, and 25% organic, Global Recycled Standard “GRS” certified - removable insole is 100% recycled PU and the sole is thermoplastic rubber, a 100% recyclable material! How great is that?! Plus, their packaging is zero-waste AND a tree is planted with each pair sold. I’m wearing the Water Style, but they have 6 others to choose from on their Kickstarter. While they have surpassed their goal, they still have five more days to go so make sure you hurry to get yourself a pair!

vegan sneakers

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Fair OOTD | Nette Rose

OutfitsNatalie Kay

Quick confession - I used to never wear a bra. Even while I was pregnant, it was rare you would find me in one. However, after having a baby and breastfeeding around the clock, I’ve grown to really love them - bralettes over underwire bras any day though! & lace.. lots and lots of lace! This new Swiss brand I’ve found called Troo has the most beautiful lingerie…

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Safari Bralette, Troo $70

All intimates from Troo are handmade in Cape Town with ‘love, cheek and lots of laughs’ - {haha, love that!}. What’s so great about this line, besides it’s lovely aesthetic, is the choice of material. Each piece is made from off cut fabric from big designers. Yes - this line is promoting zero waste within the fashion industry!! Their Nette Rose line features bralettes, knickers & slips all made from the most dainty and romantic fabrics. How could this have been someone else’s waste to begin with!? The Safari braille is absolutely dreamy - wishing I could actually wear it as a top to show off its beauty :P Not only am I in love with the aesthetic, but its comfort, too! Especially with breastfeeding, I need to have a bra that isn’t too overwhelming, yet supportive, and the Safari does just that - all while being really beautiful in the process!

Hygge Robe, JJWinks $110

Esmont Bed, Savvy Rest $1,649

Comforter, Under the Canopy $130

Classic Organic Sheets, Sol Organics $149

Fair OOTD | Summer Strolls

OutfitsNatalie Kay

When I first found out I was pregnant, I began thinking about the many things I would need as new mom - crib, car seats, baby clothes, etc - stroller was one of the items I thought wasn’t as necessary. Boy, was I wrong!! Strollers have easily become my favorite baby item. Since I’m home even more so with the baby, it’s been nice to go on morning and evening walks around the neighborhood. Fresh air really does the body good - and Elliott loves how bouncy the Riverside sidewalks can be {those tree roots are making new homes}! 

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2-in-1 Stroller, Greentom $699

Not only is this the greenest stroller in the world, it’s probably one of the lightest, too! At only 16 pounds, you won’t have any troubles moving this frame from house to car {I was always worried about being able to fold and pack them up for adventures far from my home!}. The carrycot and reversible combination travel system is perfect for the conscious parents who are trying to keep their footprint low with the many items you need for baby. This frame can hold multiple chairs for your little one so you never have to buy a completely new stroller based on their size. Pictured is the carrycot, which is great for newborns up to six months. The mattress is super soft & made with 100% organic cotton, flax and wool. No wonder Elliott has enjoyed so many naps in here over the last few weeks! & can you believe this carrycot fabric saved 31 plastic bottles from the landfill? Plus, they are keeping your child’s skin safe with 50+ UPF built in, too! 

Elodie Reversible Vest, Kaeci $149
I feel absolutely regal wearing this stunning piece. It moves so elegantly with you, and the print is stunning. Made from 100% Lenzing Modal, the Elodie Reversible Vest is as chic as it can get. And we all love designs that are reversible!! This eco-friendly fashion & lifestyle brand not only wants to clothe us in beautiful things, but they want to share, inspire, educate, and build together. Consciousness and transparency while creating is extremely important to Kaeci, as well as diversity. Therefore, sustainable production and the mixing of cultures within design are key to their foundation. Kristiane Charrier, the founder, is a true talent {you will be mesmerized by all her prints} and is inspired by her roots in Brazil, Cameroon & France. Even the name of the brand radiates so much beauty, and is derived from the words “AneKA” which means ‘Diverse‘ and ‘CInta‘ which means ‘Love’ - they define ‘Kaeci’ as ‘The Love of Diversity’. 

Odessa Ruby Necklace & Thetis Ruby Ring, Rebecca Mir Grady $250/210

Journey Moss Gold Sandals, Third Oak $35

Fair OOTD | Self Love & Green Kicks

OutfitsNatalie Kay

It’s July, which means the hot hot hot summer weather is here to stay for the next 5 months.. haha, kidding.. or am I? I like to spend a lot of time outdoors {before noon and after 6pm} with Elliott. We go on long strolls and explore so comfy shoes are a must. 

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Neven Low Sneakers, Yatay $222

Something I’ve found rather difficult to find within sustainable fashion are conscious sneakers. It’s a category I can't make a long list in so it’s exciting to come across the Italian brand Yatay. They are pretty darn conscious {not to mention, comfortable!!} all the way down to the packaging. Made entirely out of eco-friendly materials, this minimalistic shoe marks everything off our sustainable list, and for my vegan friends, they are Peta-approved! The upper part of the shoe is created out of a non-woven fabric made from recycled raw materials and BioPolyols {from vegetable oil}. The lining also takes advantage of waste and uses a recycled polyester and water-borne polyurethane, and the sole is made up of two green bioplastic cores derived from industrial waste. I absolutely love the use of hemp for the laces, and think it adds such a unique touch. The simplistic design makes them timeless and wearable season after season. I’m rocking the Neven Lows in Slate Black {find them in 5 other colors}, but you can also find a High style. & what’s also interesting - their website is on a green hosting provider! Pretty cool, huh? 

Bucca Sunglases, Woodsi $97

Remember the Yamba’s from last week? Well, this is another awesome pair of shades from the same brand, Woodsi! These lightweight sunnies are hand-crafted from sustainable FSC certified ebony and rosewood, and come with a charcoal grey foldable recycled card eco-case. Plus, each pair purchased will plant a tree! 

Self Love T-shirt, Palabra $32

August Birthwood Ring, Simply Wood $265

Ayurvedically-dyed Shorts, Sustain by Kat $86

Fair OOTD | Sunnies & Trees

OutfitsNatalie Kay

Happy to be starting my Fair OOTDs back up after a pretty long break. These are the perfect way to show you sustainable fashion can be just as beautiful and trendy as the rest. 

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Yamba Sunglasses, Woodsi $97

A pair of sunglasses responsibly-made AND plants trees? Yes, please! With each purchase of a pair of Woodsi sunglasses, a tree will be planted. Not only is the shape of the Yambas rather appealing, they are extremely lightweight and hand-crafted out of sustainable FSC certified ebony wood. The lens are dark grey and polarized so they work great for the blaring summer sun, and they come in a foldable recycled card eco-case! Each style of Woodsi sunglasses are named after a town in Australia’s region of New South Wales. I did a little google mapping and saw that Yamba is a beautiful coastal town! It’s now on my bucket list to see one day - I’ll make sure to bring these awesome shades with me ;)

Leja Choker, Brave Leather $40

2nd-Hand Dress, Swap Society

Alexander Black Lace Nursing/Transition Bralette, Azura Bay $100

The Meg Handbag, Central Crazing Co. $449

James Oxfords, Nisolo $134

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