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Lifestyle Pt. 3

Deep Luxury, A New Kind of Luxury Benefitting All

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 3Natalie Kay


Also known as Worlds of Opportunities, WOO is a premium lifestyle brand benefitting both the consumer and the maker - I love this concept, it is called Deep Luxury. As much as they brighten your day, all the products improve the lives of the artisans involved. Since 2012, WOO has been working with experts in the field of design to create with producers in developing countries to bring you, the conscious consumer, home fragrances, jewelry, scarves and soaps. WOO embodies all aspects of sustainability - socially, economically and environmentally. It is a win, win *win* for us all. 

Using upcycled vodka, beer and wine bottles, WOO's candles are as sustainable as it gets. With beeswax, sojawax and Swiss perfumes, the candles have a luscious smell and burn up to 100 hours. Bottles are collected in Vietnam by a organized team, and then sent to another team for cleaning, cutting and refining. The beeswax comes from a local Vietnam farmer, and is then blended with bees/soja waxes for longer burn time. The perfume is created in Switzerland, and the cotton wicks are handmade in Germany. A truly global project! 

Pictured above is the Laroo Tranquility candle. Takes the place of a bouquet of flowers in my living room! Made out of a beer bottle, this candle burns up to 35 hours. I'm anxious to get to the bottom to find my lucky coin!

A fan of dainty jewelry, their Y&Y bracelets are the perfect touch for any outfit. They are easily adjustable and finished with a gold plated WOO symbol, 

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A Gift that Gives

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 3Natalie Kay

Fair + Simple

A simple concept with large impacts, Fair + Simple has taken gift giving to a new level. Created by Molly Acord,  this give back business is easy to use, and offers your recipient choice on the perfect gift for their life, all while supporting the talented artisans behind the products. Fair + Simple has all of your friends covered - men, women, travelers, fashionistas, and knowing all items curated are providing fair wages to impoverished workers it will be hard not to give. So- how does this work? Purchase a {$40} Fair + Simple Card - Give to Friend - They Redeem - They Receive! Pretty simple, right?

I redeemed my Fair + Simple Card for the Matr Boomie Leather Map Journal made from sustainable leather {from naturally deceased animals} and cotton paper in Rajasthan. The leather is tanned using vegetable oil, and is dyed with water based dyes. Since cows are sacred in this region of India, they die of old age, and then their hides are treated naturally and made into lovely products {like this notebook}. The cotton paper is made from discarded cotton scraps from the textile industry, and can be replaced after you have written your 'note' novel! I'm a big notetaker myself - especially when traveling - so I'm very excited to take this with me on my trip to England next month! The words "Miles to go.." on the front of the journal really resonate with me. It's true.. there are many more miles I need to explore.

{a few beautiful gifts for the ladies}

From jewelry to soccer balls, there isn't someone Fair + Simple has missed. Ready to give a gift the gives? You can purchase either a Digital Gift Card or a Physical Card. Cards are $40 with Free Shipping Included, and can be redeemed on any single item from the responsibly curated selection. 

{a few good lookin' gifts for men}

I love an inspiring mission statement, so I wanted to leave you with theirs - 

The mission of Fair and Simple is to provide a platform for people to shop and give responsibly through a collaboration of like minded companies who focus on business as a tool for social change. If it wasn’t for that drive, they wouldn’t be a company. They are icons of doing business in a different way, a way that gives back to people and our common home.
— Fair + Simple

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Happy Giving!

The Perfect Beach Blankets Come In Circles

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 3Natalie Kay

Fair Seas Supply Co.

Tiffany Shown, a natural entrepreneur, has been creating new ventures for herself since a kid. After attending college, she traveled around her home state of California ending up in San Diego. As long as a beach was near, she felt at peace. Come 2014, Tiffany ran across some unfortunate news online about the impact on the environment and unethical treatment one t-shirt could produce. Digging for more information, she found her calling to live a more organic, natural and sustainable life. Put together her entrepreneurial spirit, love of the beach and knew found commitment to ethical fashion, Fair Seas Supply Co. was born!

The California Collection features Turkish fabric absorbent enough for after pool and beach dips, as well as your normal shower. The organic cotton is grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, and has long durable fibers. The fringe makes it versatile enough to use as a throw in your living room. Employing workers in California is very important to Tiffany; therefore, all blankets are handmade in a local factory. 

Pictured is the dreamy San Clemente blanket. This design reminds Tiffany of her favorite childhood memories. All blankets are 5 feet in diameter, quick drying, lightweight and washer/dryer safe! I spend a lot of days at the beach, and this blanket is my number one accessory. Best part, the circle helps keep all my limbs and bags from getting sandy. Big circles, organic cotton, dreamy colors and cute fringe... definitely the perfect beach blanket. :)

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