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No Butts About It, This Is THE Sustainable Way to Use the Potty

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Because I couldn't think of just one title when I started writing this, I thought I would share some of the others that were in the running....

 I'm Not Shitting You, This is THE...

Your Derrière Will Never Go Back

 I've Got a Clean Butt & I Can Not Lie

They may not be that great but they made me smile so I thought I'd share :D 


Bidets really aren't all that new. You probably remember hearing about them in History class or the famous line 'You Used Jay-Z & Beyonce's Matching His & Hers Bidets?', but finding one in person doesn't seem to happen too often {at least in the States}... until Tushy! This US-based company is making it easy for all of our bathrooms to enter the 21st century {because let's face it, dry toilet paper is so 19th century as they say}. 

Why I Love Tushy

1. It gets the job done. I was a bit apprehensive at first. I thought, 'does this actually work?'. After introducing this little gadget into my life, I wish all toilets had one. Can we get a to-go version, please? :P 

2. It saves toilet paper - which in turn gives your wallet and the planet a break. Did you know Americans spend more on TP than any other country? It also takes 437 billion gallons of water to press paper down. Not to mention the 253,000 tons of bleach, and 15 million trees used in the process, too. You can replace that with a couple sheets of bamboo TP, and 1 liter of water. 

3. It's healthier for you. Wiping with dry paper is creating around 30 million annual cases of of hemorrhoids, UTIs, yeast infections, anal fissures, anal itching and other annoyances. Sustainability to me is about your health, too! 

4. It's easy to install. If I can install it, you can. I'm not a very handy person and if I have to use a hardware tool, I feel alien to the process. This gadget took me 10 minutes to get up and running. 

5. It gives back. For every bidet sold, a family in rural India is given one-month of access to clean community toilets. 

How to Use Tushy

There are two types of Tushys - the Tushy Classic which gives you a cool spray and the Tushy Spa which gives you the choice between cool and warm sprays. My boyfriend is all for the warm, but I kind of like the cool. If you are next to a sink, you are able to use the Tushy Spa otherwise the Classic is more for your potty. They both have a pressure & angle control, and require no electricity and plumbing. Just simply turn the knob to your preference, and  voila - instant clean butt. It's seriously a bathroom game changer. I don't think I ever want to go back :P 

Of course you don't want to be dripping wet, so I use a couple sheets of their Bamboo Toilet Paper to dry up. This guilt-free, two-ply TP is made with unbleached bamboo fibers. It comes in plastic-free packaging, and is BPA-free for better health. 

Where to Buy Tushy

You can find all of Tushy products online - here

Make sure you check out how you can get $10 for every friend you refer {it's the far right tab on their website} because your friends NEED to have this!! 

Enjoy your new clean bum ;) & you're welcome. 

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Diary of an 'Ethical' Blogger | How Blogging Became My Full Time Job

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 2Natalie Kay

Entry 1

I know I kept saying I would come out with a video explaining my journey and how I've created a tiny tumblr blog into a full time job, but honestly, I can't find the time to learn how to edit video and I'm not sure if that is the best outlet for me. Being a total INFJ, unless I'm in a theatre acting a character out, being myself in front of a camera is really stressful. It's not that I'm insecure {I have my moments}, it's just too personal for my lifestyle. I didn't even start a blog with the intention of being on it - which I will explain below - so being the main subject in photos is already more than planned. 

Today, Sustainably Chic turns 3 & A LOT has happened since my first blog post July 7, 2014. 

But first - let me rewind back 7 years....

I was in university at the time studying fashion, not exactly sure what I wanted to do after graduating. After every semester, I felt less excited about what I was doing. Towards the end of my studies, I started reading a lot about unethical treatment and waste within the industry. I thought, ‘this seems odd - why aren’t we speaking about this more?’ I started doing my own research on the side, and realized from that point on I needed to go down somewhat of an unpaved path in order to feel comfortable within an industry I had truly loved at one point. I knew something was wrong, and every fiber of my being was telling me this is what I needed to focus on. Five years ago, I became much more serious about my purchasing habits. At that time, there weren’t any engaging documentaries or Instagram accounts helping guide me along the way. I really felt I had to reach out a ton in order to gain all the necessary information. For fun, I started an Etsy where I used recycled materials to make accessories - nothing super fancy, but cute and it kept me busy & working on sustainable fashion. It wasn’t until three years ago I decided I needed to be more vocal about the fashion industry. My studies in fashion, marketing and sustainability only seemed fitting to create a blog. Sustainably Chic was an outlet for me - I definitely never intended it to become a full time job. That thought never crossed my mind. 

< Something funny I should note, writing was never an interest of mine. I used to hate it! Mostly because I wasn’t confident in my ability. I chose to focus on musical theatre growing up instead of english class. I studied classical music and opera and learned to pronounce several languages, but when I had to put my own words on paper, I choked. Still to this day, I know I’m not great and many of the other ethical bloggers could run circles around my sentences. >

The blog was my way to showcase brands I thought were creating a better industry. I’ve always loved fashion. I see a lot of value in it and people all over the world rely on this industry to help put food on the table {which maybe I will discuss economics of sustainability in another diary entry}. I just wanted to make it more fair, and not see people suffer because someone bought a cheap dress. It was never about me - you hardly saw me on the blog - and all of that changed after a year. While I’m still very quiet about my personal life, I started getting a lot of questions about what I liked and wore. That's about the same time when brands asked me to wear the clothing. It got so busy I couldn’t keep up with my other job so I had to decide: do I focus all my time on Sustainably Chic OR do I stop blogging and continue working for someone. I created a Media Kit with pricing and for the brands I wanted to work with I sent them the options, and if they wanted to help support the site, then we could partner up. Otherwise, it wasn’t sustainable for me to write about sustainability for free. I started with a super low rate like $10, and just made my way up until I could sustain myself. I still charge about a quarter of what my work is worth, but I want all size brands to be able to participate regardless of their budget. {& yes, I still get asked if I can do this and this and this for free - and yes, it hurts my feelings :P}

I feel the positivity that radiates from Sustainably Chic has made it successful. I try my hardest to not make people feel guilty about their past purchases, and make this movement as inviting and practical as possible. It can be a tough topic to discuss especially with the complexities of sustainability {as well as, a lot of the big personalities within the industry}. The concept can be quite subjective so having an open mind when communicating your views to a large group of people I find to be super important. There is a ton more work to be done so I try to not distract myself when negative comments arise but I think that comes with any platform you use. You can’t really avoid it, but I would have to say, I don’t respond to that anymore. There is a lot of grey area in sustainability & you could talk forever - and I have so much to do {& learn/grow} - we all do…


I plan to continue these little entries into my 'diary' so if you have a question or topic you would like for me to cover feel free to comment it below.  Whether it be ‘how to work with sustainable brands’ or photography tips, I’m happy to help!

Thanks for reading & big hugs to helping me continue growing this slow fashion movement. 




A Sustainable Slumber That's Affordable, Organic & Fair

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 2Natalie Kay

with Under the Canopy

Are you working on building that perfect eco oasis, but keep running into budget issues, or can't find anything to fit your style? I feel you on this. I've been in that very situation. Finding ethically-made, attractive bedding at a reasonable price is difficult. Most of us don't even want to think about spending hundreds of dollars to dress our bed. There is also a misconception that organic bedding has to cost a pretty penny - after all, it's organic. I'm not sure when 'organic' became synonymous with 'expensive', but I feel as if I need to get people thinking differently about the term. Under the Canopy is my perfect example for this, and they've been in the game of bringing conscious consumers quality, organic and fair products since the beginning. 

Why I Love Under the Canopy

1. Their aesthetic. This is one of the first bedding brands I have found where I looked at their comforters and said 'I WANT THAT!'. Their prints are practical yet chic, and they are awesome at creating contrasting pillow prints to add a little pop to your room. 

2. Their commitment to a cleaner planet and home goods industry. They adhere to 6 kinds of certifications {FAIR TRADE, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, C2C, RCS & FSC}, and sustainability is at the forefront of their business model. All products are made ethically with eco-minded materials.

3. Their mission. They want everyone included in the movement towards conscious consumerism. Therefore, their products are affordable, accessible & {of course} attractive.

4. Their quality. We have been sleeping with the Aztec comforter for the last month and absolutely love it. It's soft, comfortable, warm and washes well. The robe feels like total luxury, too.

Cool fact: Under the Canopy helped aid the creation of GOTS certification of organic cotton.

What's In My Room

While Under the Canopy has 4 beautiful collections to choose from, the Abstract Aztec caught my attention right away {the little symbols within the stripes are like little hearts - too cute <3}! I love the muted grey & white, and for the weeks you want less patterns you can reverse it over to its charcoal grey side {yup, it's totally reversible}. The outer fabric is GOTS cotton, and the material used to fill the comforter is their patented EcoPure fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles. Pretty cool, right?! 

To make you even more comfortable, they've created a line of robes, too. The robe I am wearing in these photos is their Organic Cotton Waffle style. It is undyed to keep its rich, natural cotton color, and comes with a detachable belt & two big front pockets. It's the perfect thing to throw on after your shower! Plus, the more you wash it, the softer it becomes. 

Where to Buy

You can purchase all Under the Canopy products in their online shop - here - & if you have Instagram, I'm hosting a Giveaway through Sunday night {7/2} for a $150 Gift Card!!

Enjoy your new Eco Slumber my fellow world changers :D 

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Escape to Maison Felisa

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 2Natalie Kay


Drive about 40km east of Les Sardines, and take a trip back in time at this beautiful stone boutique hotel situated inside the walls of a 12th century village. The contemporary decorating of the bedrooms within the 14th century building make for the perfect mixture of both worlds. With 5 bedrooms {three overlooking the walled garden and pool}, 4 massage therapists on site, a pristine swimming pool and a yoga studio, Maison Felisa has relaxation and comfort on lockdown. If you are looking to recharge, you can't go to Provence without stopping here for a couple of days. 

We spent most of our time outside, enjoying the pool with our glasses of wine, as well as the hammock area, where I was visited by the sweet hotel cat. Their shared kitchen has a mini fridge with great priced beers and wines, and any amenities you need to make your own meals. I definitely recommend walking through the Medieval town, and exploring around the castle. It's not often you find villages still completely encased in a wall so take advantage of that adventure. For dinner, we drove about ten minutes to a restaurant suggested by Bruno & Pascale {the owners of Maison Felisa}, called La Maison. Hands down, the best meal we had in all of France!! 

Our rooms were very comfortable, quiet and spacious. Their linen sheets were something I could surround myself with all day. The bathrooms had great showers, and the rooms across from mine even came equipped with jacuzzis. In the morning, they lay out a magnificent breakfast spread to start your day. Pascale makes all the jams in house, and they were amazing! My dad would say this was his favorite breakfast throughout our trip. What I thought was so unique and wonderful about Maison Felisa {besides the comfort and design} was their zen studio. We were able to take a yoga class in the morning with Pascale, and if we had stayed longer, we would have definitely signed up for a massage or two. 

See where you can hit your recharge button & find more reviews for Maison Felisa - here

Planning your adventure? is my new go-to! Search boutique hotels all over the world, and feel confident you are going somewhere worthwhile. iescape does their research to only bring you the best! Bon voyage :)

Escape to Les Sardines Aux Yeux Bleus

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Pt. 2Natalie Kay


Our trip to the south of France would have not been complete if we had not stayed in this sweet little boutique hotel. Les Sardines Aux Yeux Bleus is the definition of charming. Not only is it quaint and relaxing, the family behind the hotel is as friendly & hospitable as can be. This boutique hotel is made for those who want to get away, recharge and experience the countryside of Provence. 

Run by husband and wife Annakarin and Olivier, the Les Sardines Aux Yeux Bleus building dates back to the 12th century. It has been renovated into a beautiful B&B while accentuating its original features. The decorating is a mix between French countryside and Scandinavian simplicity - after all, Anna is Swedish! Speaking of Anna's impeccable taste for design, she is also a talented ceramics artist, and you can find her creations when making your morning coffee and tea. 

When booking your stay, you can choose from three bedrooms {Blue, Green & Pink} and three apartments {Small, Large & The Little House}. They are all very unique and different from one another, which is an easy way to bring you back {gotta try them all}! I stayed in the Green Room, and had a great view of the courtyard and pool. Contrary to its name, the Green Room is painted a lovely white with an ever-so-slight hint of silver creating a contrast between the top and bottom part of the wall. My mom, who has an eye for interiors & color, noticed this paint design in many of the rooms within the hotel. I'm inspired to recreate! 

Our stay in the Green Room was extremely comfortable, quiet and came with all the important amenities. The bathroom was very spacious - huge shower, bath tub and two sinks. I'm a sucker for lighting, and couldn't have asked for better sunlight in both the bathroom and bedroom. The courtyard is home to the pool, amazing lay-out patio and tables for eating. In the morning, they serve a yummy breakfast and if you are ever in the mood for some wine {well, of course you are - you're in France}, you can find a great selection of local wines in their dining room. 

Thanks to for hosting me at Les Sardines Aux Bleu. I'm already planning my return! 

Want to learn more about this boutique hotel? Visit their review page, here.

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