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Fashion Pt. 2

The Handmade Maasai Sandal | Bringing Traditional Kenyan Craftsmanship to New Markets

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sustainable sandals

Laidback London

To say I’m excited to welcome sandal weather back is an understatement. I’ve been wanting this warm weather to arrive more than anything, even being 8 months pregnant. I thrive when my days can be dressed by short dresses and shoes that let my toes loose. I’ve gone through many of sandals in the past, mainly because they haven’t been made particularly well. Most people I know buy sandals for the season and throw them out in the end. This is obviously not how I do my closet so when Laidback London made its way into my life, I felt I had found a sandal I could bring back every year. I believe sustainable fashion is meant to last way more than 30 wears, and that’s something I can get from this gorgeous pair!  

Why I Love Laidback London

The Craftsmanship & Quality: From the beadwork to the sole, these sandals are made to last and wear better with age as the leather softens. Mohamed, the creator of Laidback London, visited Mombasa {an island town along the Kenyan coastline} back in 2001. After several trips from England to Kenya and suitcases full of artisan-made goods he sold at London markets, Mohamed decided to work with them on a full collection using their traditional craftsmanship. He wanted to be able to provide consumers a product with a story and one supporting sustainable livelihoods for the makers behind them. Being they are all handmade, each one is unique. They say, "where the sandals lack in perfection, they make up for in charm and character", and I couldn't agree more! 

The Designs & Versatility: There really is something for every sandal lover. From arrows to flowers, you can find a pair to suit any occasion. The beadwork is just unbelievably beautiful, and really gives this brand something unique to hold on to. They have a few different styles depending on how you like to wear them - you have the choice between wrap-arounds, traditional flip-flop and double-strapped. When the weather becomes a little cooler again {or for my friends who live down-under}, Laidback London has a great selection of boots that look incredibly cozy! They even has an accessory line featuring beaded belts and bags. Oh & I can’t not mention their coolest fan ever… Beyonce! So yeah, if you get a pair of their sandals, you’re playing twinsies with one amazing woman. 

What I’m Wearing

Bree Flat Mid Brown Metal Copper / Green Sandal: I must admit, I had difficulty picking out my favorite pair of sandals from their site. The beadwork is stunning on each, and you can easily get lost with heart eyes in the many designs they offer. I have to say I’m partial to anything ‘leaf’ related so when I saw this pair, the decision was made in an instant! 

*note: It did take me a few wears to break them in to fit my foot comfortably. They are so incredibly well-made with high quality leather that they are meant to fit and wear well with you over time!* 

Where to Purchase

You can find Laidback London’s entire collection online - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with new products on Instagram {they have a lovely account so I highly suggest following}! 

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From Waste to Fashion, This Brand Is Making Used Tires Chicer Than Ever

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 2Natalie Kay

Chic Made Consciously

Could upcycling get any cooler? After the creator, Cassandra Ciarallo, connected with the people and artisans of Bali during a 2014 trip, she envisioned a world without fast fashion by putting her new found passion into action. Cassandra decided to collaborate with them, and bring their talents to new markets - and I’m sure you will be very happy she did!

 Why I love Chic Made Consciously 

The Materials: Pretty impressive this whole line is made from old tires, right?! I love the idea of taking someone else’s trash and making it into something beautiful. It’s quite amazing how many tires we actually go through, too. In the US alone, there is an estimate of over 300 million tires thrown out every year. That’s so much opportunity for creating new product!

The Makers: During Cassandra’s travels in Bali, she learned how the locals dumped their tires in landfills, which eventually led to pollution of the island and waterways. Some artisans in the area wanted to do something about this issue. Cassandra teamed up with ArtCycle Bali to create a new line - Chic Made Consciously! TriPatworo, the creator of ArtCycle Bali, has been upcycling tires since 2006. So everything you find at Chic Made Consciously is hand made by artisans who are preserving the Indonesian culture of art and craftsmanship while earning a fair wage.

The Design: I feel a lot of trendy chic vibes throughout their collection, and the choker has the perfect amount of femininity and edginess -  I really like the balance between those two worlds! From bags to earrings and belts to bracelets, these designs are rather unique and something you don’t see often. Are you a festival attendee or a lover of anything floral? They have a collection made just for you. Even the men can get in on the action! 


What I’m Wearing

Bloom Choker: This is probably one of the first chokers I forget I’m wearing throughout the day. You know how most of them feel tight and start to annoy you at some point? I don’t have that feeling with this one! It’s extremely comfortable and fits like a glove. It has an easy snap in the back that stays secure the entire day. What’s really cool about this piece, besides the use of upcycled tire tubes, is the energy it saves compared to using leather as a resource. There is no power needed to work with reclaimed tires {& obviously no cattle and land since leather is not used} so each necklace is saving an equivalent of 1.2 hours of bulb energy and .4 cars off the road for a day. Then, of course, there is the idea of circular fashion where a material can be turned into something useful rather than sitting in a landfill. It all sounds great to me! 

 Where to Purchase 

To shop Chic Made Consciously’s entire collection click - here - & don’t forget to stay up-to-date with new products on Instagram

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Sustainable Hemp Underwear that Protects

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sustainable underwear

 Wama Underwear

This is a new one for me! I’ve loved seeing hemp used within some of my dresses and tees throughout the last few years, and they’ve held up incredibly well. With the rise in popularity of hemp as a fabric, I didn’t even think of how great it would be used as an undergarment. However, it makes total sense with the beneficial properties it possesses, and I'm happy to be seeing it used for these undies. 

yeah.. even pregnant bellies can wear WAMA  Hemp Hipsters  ;)

yeah.. even pregnant bellies can wear WAMA Hemp Hipsters ;)

 Why I Love Wama Underwear

Natural Health Benefits of Hemp: So how exactly does hemp help us protect our privates? Well there are a few ways - Hemp is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and has anti-odor properties. It’s also moisture wicking because of its porous nature making it breathable and comfortable. So yeah… why wouldn't we see more underwear made from this awesome fabric? 

Wears Well Over Time: The hemp fiber is one of the strongest and most durable of the natural fibers. When combined with other fibers, such as the organic cotton found in WAMA underwear, it becomes quite soft. Even after each wash, you will notice the fabric softening even more. It’s also resistant to mold and UV light, and retains color better than cotton. 

Less Water, Space & Pesticides: Hemp beats other natural fibers when it comes to space & the use of water and pesticides. According to, "Hemp can produce 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax using the same amount of land". It also requires half the amount of water used to grow cotton, and doesn't rely on any pesticides or herbicides to thrive. 

GOTS Certified: This is one of my favorite certifications because of its transparency. With WAMA, you are able to feel confident in the hands that touched the product from material to manufacturing. China is one of the world leaders in hemp textiles, and the hemp/organic cotton blend used for the underwear is GOTS certified. The factories they have partnered up with offer employees fair wages and quality working environments. WAMA even has a team member based out of China to oversee the entire production. Also - For my vegan friends, you will be happy to know they are PETA-approved! 

Made for both Men & Women: Okay, since I’ve approved them, I will be getting a pair for Travis! He is pretty particular about his clothes, but I have a feeling he is going to be pretty happy with the Hemp Boxer Briefs. And don’t you just love when a brand has both men and women covered?!  

Guaranteed You’ll Love It: I don’t know about you, but there is something about those words ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ that give me confidence in a product. It shows they truly back up what they’ve created, and it gives you peace of mind before purchasing. 

Where to Purchase

After a successful Kickstarter campaign {seems like everyone was pretty excited for hemp undies!}, you can now purchase them in their online shop - here -

hemp underwear

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It Feels Good to Feel Good | A Lifestyle Brand Perfect for Building a Comfy Capsule Wardrobe

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sustainable fashion

yala designs

Who doesn’t love 24/7 comfort? The whole idea of not wanting to get out of your pjs to start the day can kind of cease to exist with brands like Yala. They take you from sleep to running errands to work to dinner {& everything in between} with their wonderful product range. And with the popularity of minimizing closets and focusing on a solid capsule wardrobe, this brand is one you need to know.

Why I Love Yala Designs

Great Basics & Designs for Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Are you trying to condense your closet? I’m constantly trying to build that ideal capsule wardrobe to hold on to for years to come. With Yala’s combination of necessary basics and classic designs, you will have zero trouble working on that perfect capsule wardrobe. Their colors are also very practical, so you are able to mix-and-match seamlessly within all of the collections. 

Total Comfort from Day to Night: I don’t think you can make a successful capsule wardrobe without choosing comfy pieces. Especially since you are going to be wearing them more so than a usual wardrobe, it’s important you actually like the way you feel in them. By using versatile designs and practical fabrics, many of Yala’s pieces can be used throughout the day. Not to mention, they do have a nice looking nightwear line when your wanting to get extra cozy at the end of the day! 

Organic Cottons & Recycled Polys: I’ve always thought organic cotton to be one of the best fabrics for basics. It’s easy to wash, holds color, wears well over time and has minimal impact on the environment. Mixing this fabric with polyester can create an even softer fabric, but it’s not so kind to the planet. I was very excited to see their use of recycled poly since I believe in reusing materials we have already created and it does make for an exceptionally soft material. 


What I’m Wearing

Cybill Fleece Wrap: If you don’t have a long fleece sweater in your closet, I highly recommend you purchasing one - this one to be more specific ;) The combination of organic cotton and recycled poly in this fleece knit is extremely soft {most definitely the softest fleece sweater in my closet}. You can find it an array of colors so no matter your palette preference, you’re covered! They length is also wonderful - almost like wearing a good looking robe all day - and is a great ‘throw-on’. 

Phoebe Tunic: I’ve been able to get away with wearing it as a dress {even with the belly here - side note, I'm 5'2'' just to give your better idea of length}, but I’ll be pairing it with leggings this week, and then, of course, when it gets a bit cooler out this Fall. I really like how the back is longer than the front, and side seams have a nice slit for movement. It’s definitely an upgrade from the usually t-shirt tunic! 

Evan Tee: Whenever I look for a new tee to add into my wardrobe, I always look for length. I don’t like when they cut me off at my hips, and I prefer for them to cover a good portion of my backside. This tee is the perfect length for me, and could even be considered a tunic. It’s made from 100% organic cotton - do I even have to mention its comfort? Also, I find the sleeve style quite unique in that your thumbs have a little place to go! Honestly, it’s been a long-sleeved style I’ve been searching for for some time so I may need to get a few extra colors for this Florida fall.  

Where to Purchase

You can find all Yala's collections online - here -

Stay up-to-date with new collections on Instagram!


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The 95% More Eco-Friendly Shirt | For Men & Women

Fashion, Fashion Pt. 2Natalie Kay

Cosmos Studio

Your everyday button-down just got greener. 

Why I Love Cosmos Studio

1. The Dyes. Did you know one of the most toxic processes in manufacturing clothing is the dyeing of fibers? Tons of chemicals are used to create deep hues, and they are typically just wasted & thrown back into the environment {like our water systems - yikes!}. Plus, the amount of water used for just one shirt can easily go up to 600L. Cosmos Studio has created a dyeing technology avoiding this unnecessary waste and damage to nature. Called GiDelave™, this technology is reducing water consumption and effluent production by 95% both! Pretty impressive, right? You may be wondering exactly how this works... When a fabric is typically dyed, the entire thread receives the dye, but with GiDelave™ they use more of a 360 printing process rather than penetrating the entire thing. The yarn is first colored, and then woven into fabric. The enzymes used are neutralized rather than acidic keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. 

2. The Fabric. When I think of button-down shirts, I usually don't associate them with the words 'soft' or 'comfortable'. I have to say, Cosmos Studio has changed my perception completely. This fabric is very comfy to wear, and you don't feel stiff at all. It has a great touch, and that's thanks to their dyeing processes. With GiDelave™, the fabrics have consistency in color, more durability and strength, and you will find they wrinkle a lot less than many of your other cotton & linen garments in your closet. Since they are avoiding the usual chemical treatments and several processes used in conventional clothing, you are getting a much stronger finished piece. They also use Better Cotton, which cares for the environment & farmer, and is STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX certified. For detergents, they comply with all REACH standards sets by the European Chemical Agency {meaning chemicals used will not harm others and degrade without emitting hazardous gas}. The factory for manufacturing the garments are WRAP certified so workers are guaranteed safe and healthy working conditions. 

3. The Fit. Since I'm pregnant, I went up to a size small {rather than XS}, and it's been perfect for me. It's been long enough for me to wear as a tunic without looking too big - plus, that extra room is great for this growing belly. I’m a ‘roll up your sleeves' type of gal, and find this shirt looks great that way. The chest pocket, pearl buttons & cut are a minimalist's dream. 

4. They are unisex. Yup - grab one for you and your man! These shirts are made for both of us, and being they are so classic, it’s the type of shirt that can fit into any style.

Where to Purchase

You can find Cosmos Studio shirts in their online shop - here - & don't forget to follow them on the 'gram to stay up-to-date with all their future sustainable fashion. 


Sustainably Supported by Cosmos Studio. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored