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An ethical handbag boutique partnering with global artisans, Purse & Clutch is creating employment for people with little opportunity. Jordan Ring, one of their Ethical Style Ambassadors, has always had a love for fashion, but after some research, she quickly changed her mind about the industry. Wanting to take action against the waste and unethical side of fashion, she started working for Purse & Clutch. She wants us to rethink fashion - which will be easy to do with their gorgeous selection of handbags! 

Tell us about Purse & Clutch and how sustainability is incorporated into the business.

At Purse & Clutch we choose to care how things are made. We invest in artisan groups around the world who create their products with an emphasis on craft & quality.  
As a fair trade boutique our mission is to help create sustainable, long-term employment for men & women with limited opportunities.  On average, for every $200 spent in our shop, we are able to help employ an artisan full time for one month. 

Why did you decide to become an Ethical Style Ambassador for Purse & Clutch?

I grew up admiring my grandmother who never left the house without being fully put together. According to her, our shoes and purses must always coordinate, clothes were always pressed and a little mascara never hurt. I adored watching her arrive dressed to the nines no matter the occasion.

I certainly inherited her love of fashion. However, just moments into the True Cost documentary, my entire love affair with fashion was shattered. The exploitation of people, the degradation of the land, and the emptiness caused by our hyper-consumption was more than enough to break my heart.

My clothes and accessories are now part of a much larger story than just the parties or meetings I wear them too. I became an Ethical Style Ambassador with Purse & Clutch because I believe in its commitment to human dignity and respect. I wanted an opportunity to promote companies doing business better. My ambassador role is really a way to invite people to join me in a journey to live ordinary well. 

What countries do the handbags and accessories come from?

Our founder, Jen Lewis, has spent the last several years curating amazing collections that feature quality pieces from all around the world. We’ve had handbags from Guatemala and Brazil to Ethiopia and Ghana all the way to Thailand with places in between! 

Pom Clutch Front.jpg

What are some of your favorite pieces for Spring?

Our team is absolutely gushing over these Taco “Pom” clutches! Seems appropriate for an Austin based boutique, right? Oh, and the details on these Marigold Clutches are to die for. We will have a rolling Spring launch this year, so be sure to check in weekly! 

What are your future plans with Purse & Clutch?

I’m excited to keep telling the story of Purse & Clutch and working with people to re-think fashion. Fashion is fun! And it’s better when it’s fair. 

We’re working with a few designers now to create new lines exclusive to Purse & Clutch.  If you sign up for our newsletters, you’ll soon meet some of the artisans we partner with! 
For those in the Austin area, we now host house parties! You make the guest list, I’ll bring the purses and we’ll talk fair trade fashion and beauty.