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Cambio Market | Good Paper Handcrafted Greeting Cards

When Cambio Market first started business, Gelaine and Jérôme {the creators} had two brands on board. Good Paper, a San Francisco based company selling handcrafted cards, was one of them. Customers instantly fell in love with the quality, sweetness and mission behind the brand. Both Gelaine and Jérôme have a strong connection with the Philippines, and made a trip to meet the partner of Good Paper, The Paper Project. 

The Paper Project is a social enterprise in Manila, Philippines responsible for hiring, training and educating sex trafficked victims in card making. Offering them dignified work, these women are able to have a second chance at life. Since many of the women have little education, programs like The Paper Project are the support they desperately need in order to get their feet back on the ground. If it weren't for these wonderful organizations, many would live in extreme poverty and risk being 're-trafficked'. After five years of hard work, the socially-oriented business employs over 80 women, and is growing everyday. 

Cards are designed in San Fransisco, and produced in the Philippines with paper made from recycled materials. The paper is handmade, by men, in Laguna, Philippines, which is a very poor and vulnerable area. By using the leftovers and lower quality of abaca paper {which is the raw material used to make currency}, they are able to mix it with recycled paper to create the finished paper used to construct the cards. The templates are then produced in Makati, and cards are made in the same location, as well as Laguna and Pampanga.

Made with love and strong quality control, these cards are pretty much perfection - some say it is hard to tell they are handmade - which is so true! My I Love Your More Than Coffee & May the Fork Be With You handcrafted cards are too cute for words. I love the texture of the paper, the witty sayings and all the heart behind each card. The best part - each card is hand signed by the woman who made it! 

p.s. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and the penguins on this card are the sweetest. Hopefully my mom doesn't read this post... 

For the Social Obsessed ;)

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