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Bye Chapped Lips, Hello 'Kiss Me' Lips

BeautyNatalie Kay

kiss me honey

Ever wonder why your lips keep becoming chapped when using the lip balms found at the counter? Yeah, sure, they work great for an hour - then you're left with the same problem. It is masking the issue and/or, in turn, making it worse. I used to be an avid vaseline user until I really dove into the ingredients' effects on my lips. Um, hello - it is terrible for me! Plus, do I really want the byproduct of the petroleum industry on my face? No, thank you. Once I got rid of my Chapsticks and Vaseline, I started looking for a 'greener' alternative. I've tried a few brands here and there, but never became loyal. I kind of gave up, and tried to focus on drinking a lot of water to help the problem. For the most part, it did, but I still have those days when my lips are unusually dry. I feel like great products are discovered when you aren't hunting them down anymore because that is exactly what happened with Kiss Me Honey. I started to accept my chapped lips and - boom - I found my solution. Kiss Me Honey organic lip balms are truly amazing and definitely worth trying if you ever experience chapped lips {I'm sure we all do.. right?}. Kellie Duran, the creator, was in the same predicament as I once was - after learning the damage her chemically infused lip balms were causing, she went through balm after balm never finding the right one. She took matters into her own hands and melted Kiss Me Honey together - a lip balm safe for everyone, even your children! Click below to learn more about this cruelty-free lip balm & all the lovely flavors it comes in...

Certified USDA Organic, All Natural, Paraben Free, Chemical Free & Certified Cruelty Free : this balm has it all. Not only is it meant to soothe dry or chapped lips, but it also protects them from harsh temperatures and other factors which can cause irritation. Plus, they are made right here in the US in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ingredients include; Organic beeswax / Organic coconut oil / Organic unrefined Shea butter / Vitamin E / Grapefruit seed extract / Organic sweet almond oil / Organic peppermint essential oil (for mint flavored) / NOP Approved Organic Strawberry flavor / NOP Approved Organic Coconut flavor {don't you just love when you can pronounce it all?}. Choose from three flavors {or don't, you can get all three!}: Cooling Mint, Tropical Coconut & Strawberry Sweetness. The strawberry is my favorite and takes me back to the 90s and my Lip Smacker days :D The mint is ultra soothing, and the coconut takes me to paradise. I recommend trying them all since they are so different in flavor. Just add one to each handbag ;)

Shop all three flavors online - they even have a quarterly subscription! Get social and follow Kiss Me Honey on Facebook, Google+ & Instagram