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A curated marketplace, YOUWE gets the consumer involved with more than just purchasing a product. For every purchase, 10% of the proceeds are donated, and YOU have a say in where it goes. YOUWE started on a concept of positive buying - if you are going to shop, why not buy a product that is creating good? Not only are you shopping well crafted, ethical goods, you are taking a step further and giving back beyond the actual item. Click below to learn more about YOUWE's products & the charities, TOGETHER, we support. 

Products that have stories behind them by helping and eradicating problems in our world. But the story doesn’t stop with you by buying the product. YOUWE wants you to be apart of the story.
— Tyler Clinton, Founder of YOUWE

YOUWE caters to both men and women in apparel, accessories and jewelry. They have their own collection of tees {guys & gals} ethically produced right here in the USA out of a super comfy triblend fabric. Their collection of Goodwood jewelry is, also, made in the USA. My favorite brands they carry are Raven & Lilly and 31 Bits, which you can see below! 

The craftsmanship on both the Azeb Wallet and Cobble Stone Necklace is flawless. You can tell a lot of hard work and love went into making each piece. The wallet is by Raven + Lilly and produced with locally sourced Ethiopian leather. To help create sustainable livelihoods, Raven + Lilly employ around 1,500 marginalized women under fair trade wages and safe working conditions. The necklace is made from recycled paper by artisan women in Uganda who are fully empowered and paid a living wage through 31 Bits. 

Found what you are looking for? Now it is time to choose a charity. From animals to international help, it is almost difficult to pick only one. You may even have come across a few new charities you have never heard of {can't go a day without learning, right?!}. A granddaughter of a doctor, I think I would have to go with Doctors Without Borders! When there is a crisis, these are the men and women who selflessly give their time and energy to saving people who desperately need help.

YOUWE was nice enough to give US 20% off {gosh, this really is a feel good purchase :P}! Use code SCHIC20 at checkout, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram

Tune in for a Giveaway on Instagram, this Saturday, featuring the Raven + Lilly Azeb Wallet!