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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through the Art of Batik

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The Batik Boutique

I've always gravitated towards batik. It's easy to do so with the unique use of dye, but batik is an art form different from the rest within the world of textiles. My mom's fabric store had hundreds of bolts at one point which had me curious about its process. It's a fascinating one, and requires a lot of patience & attention to detail. The art of batik has been around for 2,000 years and began in Southeast Asia. The intricate designs tell stories, and are created through dye-resistant wax and handmade stamps. When the wax is washed off, the patterns are shown. Pretty amazing, right?!  {click here to see the entire process}

Today, I'm sharing a brand with you who really knows their batiks and is out to create positive change for women from low-income backgrounds. The Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise working to alleviate poverty in Malaysia. The women are trained to produce gifts and accessories from mesmerizing batiks made by artisan families in rural Malaysia. The Batik Boutique has a sewing training center which currently employs more than 50 artisans. These women are able to obtain a fair, sustainable income and skills. To meet some of the remarkable ladies, click here

How beautiful is this set they made? I feel lucky to own so many wonderful batik items!! Featured we have a Silk Scarf, an Eco-Dyed Jewelry Roll and a 3-Way Clutch. Each one of these items are from The Batik Boutique's Eco-Dye Collection. 

The Mangodigo Silk Scarf is extremely soft {nice & lightweight for the warmer months ahead, too}, and made from 100% silk with eco-friendly mangosteen and indigo dye. Mangosteen is a plant-based dye from the tropical evergreen tree. This scarf is one of those scarves you can pair with anything to help dress up your outfit. Silks scarves are the equivalent to a statement necklace for me! 

For as much traveling I do and jewelry I own, I'm surprised I've never had a jewelry roll! This Eco-Dyed Jewelry Roll is made from 100% silk with eco-friendly mangosteen, and is perfect for taking all your beauties on-the-go. With two straps and two pockets, your jewelry will stay detangled and safe throughout your journey. So happy I have this case  for my travels in May. I'm already thinking about creating a 'sustainable pack list' so stay tuned!

And now for some versatility {you know how much I love that word}! The 3-Way Clutch speaks for itself. Yes, you can use this handbag three different ways!! It's the right size to fit all your daily essentials, and is hand-dyed on 100% cotton. To get this beautiful color, they use the tumeric plant as a natural dye. 

To speak on quality {because I can go on and on about its beauty}, this entire Eco-Dye Collection is incredibly well-made. Not only is it creating sustainable jobs while keeping in mind its impact on the Earth, it's made to last. To shop the entire Eco-Dye Collection, click here.

Also - I wanted to make a quick mention because I thought this was really cool - The Batik Boutique offers Corporate Gifts! So if you work for a large company {or own one}, maybe this holiday consider Ethical Gift Giving. Just wanted to put this in your minds .. I know it's early! ;)

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