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With my Swiss heritage, the Vivi's Flower Pendant is not only special to me because it considers the environment, but it is inspired by the gorgeous Edelweiss. Just one of the many beautiful & eco-friendly pieces, this pendant is made from 100% reclaimed sterling silver with a lovely brushed matte finish. One of my favorite sayings, "Bloom & Grow Forever" from the Sound of Music's Edelweiss fits perfectly well with a business who believes in using reclaimed materials to create again and again. Not only does Coral Covey choose eco silver, the studio is actually powered by 100% renewable gas and electricity, supplied from Polarstern. Even their packaging is sustainable and recycled {what they call their "icing on the cake"}. How amazing is that?! Click below to explore all the finely-designed and handmade jewelry... 

Created by Australian jewelry designer, Laura Deakin, Coral Covey is named after her two grandmother's, Coral McKissick and Glades Covey, who both influenced Laura to care for her community & the environment. Coral Covey's studio is in one of the jewelry capitals of the world, Munich, and prides itself on creating jewelry that is fair, honest & beautiful. 

Each piece is designed with a friend or loved one in mind and attempts to encapsulate aspects of their extraordinary personality. As our collection grows, the jewellery has come to represent characters from all walks of life. We hope everyone can see an element of their friend or loved one in their chosen piece.
— Coral Covey

I love how Coral Covey makes their mark on each piece. The oval shape represents the traditional form found in jewelry, while the fern leaf represents the ancient plant which has lived on our planet for more than 300 million years! Both come together to symbolize respect for jewelry's history on the body and their commitment to the environment. The separate '925' stamp is the guarantee you are buying sterling silver jewelry. 

Below are a few more of my favorite pieces from Coral Covey... {wish I had pierced ears!}

Jo's Ring | Karen's Rose Gold Heart Pendant | Vivi's Golden Edelweiss Earrings

Coral Covey even offers custom Wedding Rings! Click - here - to schedule your personal consultation.


Last, but not least, their packaging...

Their jewelry boxes are made from recycled paper by The Tiny Box Co with a red & cream pure cotton ribbon to close it together. The inside hosts a felt bed made from a local company's naturally dyed merino sheep wool. Even their advertising and postage material is made with 100% recycled paper. Plus, with every package, a donation is given to the 'Go Green' service.

Make sure to add to your calendars: August 18th-21st, Coral Covey will be having 20% off all pieces!!

I can't wait to see what Laura adds to Coral Covey in the future - I know I will fall in love all over :) To keep up with everything eco & sweet, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.