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Live Clean

One of the biggest obstacles you run into when speaking to others about going "green" in bath and beauty is their hesitation & doubt in the product actually working. When our TVs are full of Pantene Pro-V and L'Oreal commercials, it is hard to see past their 'revolutionary' hair break throughs. We start to expect to not know what exactly is put into our shampoos and body washes. I've had people tell me if their shampoo isn't full of chemicals, then it must not work {yeah, crazy, right?!}. Another obstacle - aesthetic. Green beauty is still widely thought of as hippy and unattractive - no matter how many of us our blogging otherwise. With Live Clean, we can bust these myths and put it all to rest. Their packaging, aesthetic & scents are made for that very person and all their uncertainties. For the ones who have already jumped on the 'green' band wagon, this is definitely a brand worth adding into your shower! 

Live Clean is going green without compromising performance. Over the last few weeks, I've been using their shampoos, conditioners and body washes. I have to say - I LOVE the way they lather - the more suds the better :P My hair {& body} feels clean, moisturized and smells great {they have some truly lovely scents}. My absolute favorite out of their collection is the Coconut Milk. It's one of those you can pop the lid off and sniff for minutes on end. The Coconut Milk is great for hydrating and restoring moisture balance, and is rich in vitamins C, E & B5. The Argan Oil & Fresh Water scents are, also, ones I recommend trying. Argan oil {which I have written about quite a bit on the blog} has many great benefits, and will help in restoring and shining up that hair of yours! If you prefer a more toned down shampoo & wash {i.e. light clean scent} the Fresh Water is perfect for you. Whichever shampoo & conditioner you choose, make sure to pair it up with their body washes. You would never expect to feel so clean AND green at the same time ;) *Live Clean stays clear from the non-renewables, and uses only natural, plant sourced or non-petrochemical based ingredients. 97% of their washes are plant-based, as well as SLS free {Sodium Lauryl Sulfate}, phthalate free and paraben free!*

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