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The wait is over, and finally, are beloved Fall, is here! It's time for cozy clothes, leaf-like colors and SWEATERS! As someone who works from home, I love comfortable basics which feel like pajamas but look like everyday clothes. Today, I'm going to share with you two new brands who offer eco-friendly & ethically-made basics for both men & women. Click below to read more!

Basics are great - we can pair them with a lot of clothing we already have & they, typically, are our go-tos when getting dressed in the morning. We all love soft tees, right? Well, I think I've found you a new favorite. ONNO specializes in bamboo, hemp and organic cotton tees for men & women. Their bamboo tees are incredibly soft & flattering, and the lady's style is most definitely tailored for women. You can choose from over 15 colors - the mustard color stole my heart. It's fall, after all, and it reminds me of the changing leaves. Plus, it's an easy color to fit in your existing wardrobe {especially if you're an earth tone lover like me}. Something which really attracted me to ONNO is their use of hemp. One of the greatest alternatives to conventional cotton, hemp requires less water, pesticides & can be made into a variety of colors. In the next week, look out for a post all about the benefits of using hemp as a textile. Any gals looking for their man? Shop ONNO's men's selection - here. 

SALTURA is known as a menswear brand, but the ladies are loving the hoodies - and I can see why. Their coastal inspired brand is all about minimalistic and local design. They want their garments made responsibly close to home {the US}, and produced with the environment and oceans in mind. Like ONNO, they understand the importance of eco textiles, so they use organic cotton when creating their tees and hoodies. I don't think I have ever owned a more comfortable hoodie - it's one both women and men could approve of! I'm wearing the Fog Double Layer Hoodie which is designed, woven, dyed, cut and sewn all in California. Besides the hoodies, SALTURA makes awesome graphics and board shorts. I have at least a few guys a week ask for USA men's clothing {made responsibly} and SALTURA is always first to come to mind. It's nice us women can take advantage of it, as well ;)  

Oddly enough, this is mine & my cat's favorite corner of the house {do you spy her in one of the photos?!}. I work out here, I play the uke here, I take photos here... the tree behind me is full of my cat's scratches because she refuses to use a 'fake' post. Thought it would just make sense to put this corner on the blog every so often. :)  I think I need to put a chair here... 

anyway - 

What basics are YOU loving this fall?