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A monthly subscription box {neatly packaged in a basket}, GlobeIn connects us to remote artisans all over the world. The Artisan Box does all the research and work for us, and it is such a great way to learn about other makers, their crafts & culture! Each box comes with a detailed pamphlet telling you about every product, where it is made and who you are supporting. The creators, David & Vladimir, were inspired by organizations dedicated to starting small businesses in remote regions. They saw a need for an additional platform which allowed the goods to reach a global scale. By giving them global reach, artisans are empowered and able to sustain their business and communities. Click below to see what I found in my Artisan Box this month, and how you can sign up for yours! 

This monthly subscription box has to be one of my favorites because it goes beyond just one category. You can choose from a laundry theme to an entertainment theme. They have everything! I've loved getting to know my GlobeIn Box, the World Kitchen. {Although, this one is sold out, you can still purchase the items seperately within their online store} GlobeIn's signature handwoven baskets take up to 6 hours to weave, and made using the traditional “tenate” design in Oaxaca, Mexico. These are the baskets they use to package your little goodies in. The World Kitchen Box contained 6 items perfect for anyone's kitchen, and things you will most certainly use. 

My Grandparents are leaving for Peru {very jealous, always have wanted to go!}, tomorrow, so it put a smile on my face to receive the Pink Inka Salt. Sourced deep within the heart of the Andes Mountains, the Pink Salt is extremely pure and protected by underground water. The Pure Ground Vanilla is all-natural, organic and gluten free, and made up of hand-selected Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Excited to try it out in their yogurt parfait recipe they included! Now, you can't have a complete kitchen without some coffee and sugar. Their coconut sugar comes from organic farms in Indonesia, and the farmers work directly with one of Indonesia's largest organic food companies, Big Tree Farms. The coffee is sourced from Nicaragua by Boca Java who stresses the importance of a transparent food chain, and works to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. Oh - and they make a pretty good cup of joe ;) The kitchen towel is made by El Tun {a group of four brother artisans} in Antigua, Guatemala, and the beautifully painted Fez Mini Tagine is made in Nabeul, Tunisia by Le Souk Ceramique. The patterns are all freehanded, and paints are lead-free, cadmium-free and food safe. Thought it made the sweetest little sugar bowl!! This was fun, wasn't it? Learned a lot, and got some tasty treats. Now scroll down to see how you can join in...

Just a few more of their beautiful Artisan Boxes...

Ready to start receiving these wonderfully curated boxes monthly? I've got a great discount code for you! When purchasing a 3-month or longer Artisan Box subscription, use code SUSTAINABLYCHIC for $10 off.  Make sure to order by the 15th so you can get this month's box!

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