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It doesn't get more colorful than this beautiful online-marketplace! Created for the modern girl, Seek Wander Share's products are individually handmade with A LOT of love, and support economic prosperity. Your purchase helps provide a sustainable income and livelihood for extremely hard working and talented artisans. Not only are you strengthening a community, you are preserving the traditions of their culture and letting the art & craftsmanship live on. So, add a splash of color to your wardrobe with Seek Wander Share's handbags, scarves, hats and jewelry. By connecting with artisan groups all around the world, their selection is quite eclectic.  Click below to find out more about the lovely accessories they make and the people behind them. 

I'm going to start with the perfect summer hat - their Straw Fedora - which is easily the nicest hat I have ever owned, and is so incredibly well handmade. The handmade process is very interesting and a collaborative effort between artisans in both Rwanda and Ecuador. Together, Indego Africa {Rwanda} and GVITERI {Ecuador} are putting their strengths into creating adorable ethical accessories which will help sustain and educate their artisans. Indego Africa enables artisans to enter special training programs in business management, technology, entrepreneurship, and English & Kinyarwanda literacy. GVITERI is creating sustainable jobs and preserving the traditional technique of weaving, which starts with the harvesting of tropical rainforest plant, Toquilla straw, in Manabi Provence. The straw is transported to weavers within small villages of Manabi and Azuay, and they clean, separate and sort the straw to prepare it for weaving. Then, using only the best straw pieces, the weaver begins the long and intricate process of creating the hat. Some say, they only work by the light of the moon or when it is overcast. How I would love to sit down beside them, and see all of this in action - after all, I love a good cloudy work day, too. After the hat is finished, they send it off to Rwanda to be hand embroidered by the artisans of Indego Africa - a great teamwork process!!! 

Next to check out are their Guatemalan clutches and totes, which are adorned with the brightest of color and pattern. Their scarves are, also, made in Guatemala, and have a hint of shimmer, so you will sparkle and shine on a nice sunny day. I'm really loving their wrap bracelets which are made from crystal beads, and can help liven up any outfit. See what I mean about colorful?! This shop could make anyone happy :)

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