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is their motto! Encircled is a Canadian based sustainable clothing brand who creates for the stylish traveler {& your everyday busy body!}. They want you to be able to travel light while looking effortless at the same time. Imagine being able to put all your essentials into one carry-on. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Everything Encircled designs is multi-functioning and completely versatile. One of their pieces you can wear 8+ different ways! The fabrics they choose are comfortable and made to be packed - no worries about wrinkles, here. Their collections are made ethically in Toronto, and in small batches to avoid over producing. Even the extra fabric from cuttings are up-cycled, and all shipping supplies & paper are made from recycled materials. If you love to travel and versatility is important to you, I know you will love Encircled!! 

above - Photographer: Tracey Tomtene Photography

Krisit Soomer, the creator, spent many weeks in airports during her management consultant days. She realized a void in the market for clothing you could pack light and would travel well. Frustrated with not having the options, she sought out to create a brand of her own. Textiles were a very important factor when beginning, and Encircled searched for the best premium and sustainable blends of Modal, Tencel and Bamboo... you know, all those fabrics which are so soft you don't want to take them off. 

 Shirt by  Fatim Bahh

Shirt by Fatim Bahh

I've been wearing the Dressy Sweatpant all season {they have many more seasons to go, too!}. They are seriously soft and {of course} versatile. I love how you can change the hem from full length to cropped - I think the cropped look is great for warm casual days & looks super cute with wing tip flats. Encircled chose to use a lightweight Modal fabric in order to blend in with your usual office attire while being relaxed enough for the home.  You can find the Dressy Sweat in five chic colors - all easy to fit into your wardrobe! 

If you are striving for a minimalist closet or find yourself at the airport quite often, Encircled is your answer. Below are 3 amazing garments you can wear and style so many ways... 

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You don't have to compromise style to be comfortable while traveling anymore - you got Encircled!