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Alexandria Main

A resort wear label out of Queensland, Australia, Alexandria Main knows beauty can not come at the expense of others. Roxane Horton, the creator, works directly with highly skilled artisans in Cambodia to create gorgeous robes, belts, bags and sarongs. The designs easily fall under the category of 'ethical luxury' because the quality of work. For example, the buttons on my Indigo Spot Short Wrap Coverup are covered, the cutting was done by hand and they use french seams {a more elegant seam - ooo, la, la}. You'll want to find an excuse to go on a sunny vacation...

I wanted to make pool robes that felt like Grace Kelly in High Society. Robes that wrap around you and cinch at the waist, with sleeves you can roll up and skirts that float behind you when you walk.
— Roxane Horton

Roxane believes the entire production process should be transparent. She openly discusses the workers hired to create the garments. Fairsew is responsible for manufacturing the Alexandria Main coverups, and provides workers with safe working conditions, benefits well above Cambodia's minimum levels, and offers opportunities for learning and development. All supplies are sourced ethically, as well. The fabric used in the beach robes are bought at a textile market in Phnom Penh to help support local business. The majority of the fabrics sold are end-of-bolts and would most likely be thrown in a landfill if not bought. The jewelry, which is added onto the beach bags and sarongs, are sourced from a fair trade supplier in Thailand. Human and Hope Association's graduates help create the beach bags, and in return, 20% of the bags' profits are given back to the sewing school. 

All Alexandria Main items have been made by people who are empowered by their work, and whose lives are enriched by the environments they work in.
— Roxane Horton

I am SO happy the temperatures are rising, and I can finally have more excuses to wear my coverup and sarong. A big fan of polka dots, the Indigo Short Beach Coverup fits perfectly to my style. The Navy Spot Swimsuit Coverup is also a favorite of mine. If you are looking for something a bit longer, both the Indigo and Navy Spot are available in a long beach coverup.  Have a party to go to? Look glamorous by the water in these Cocktail Beach Robes pictured below. Now, those will get a double take ;)

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