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A Sustainable Slumber

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sustainability in the bedroom...

This blog typically features the latest in ethical fashion, but how we sleep is just as important as what we wear everyday. We moved into our new apartment this past Spring, and have done little decorating since. It's difficult to get in the swing of the things when you move almost every year. We hope to stay on John's Island a bit longer than usual, so I went ahead and started putting more work into our sleeping quarters. A few years ago, I bought an organic mattress - nothing fancy, but a good price point for living paycheck to paycheck. We literally had it sitting on a floor since it arrived because I could not find the perfect sustainably-made bed frame. Luckily, Savvy Rest came into my life and I have my dream bed!

From the sheets to the decor, to the furniture to what we rest our heads on, there is always a more 'eco' friendly way to style your room. If you think about it, we spend almost half our life on a mattress. That's a lot of time in our room! We are fortunate to have brands out there who consider our health, the environment and sustainability when creating bedroom essentials. 

I'm going to start this sustainable slumber series with the bed frame. Savvy Rest is a US based {Central Virginia} organic brand specializing in mattresses, bedding, furniture and so much more. The Esmont is a natural platform bed hand built in their wood shop with a customizable headboard. That's right - the headboard can either be spaced apart {like mine} or solid. This bed can be assembled without any tools, and it won't cause you a headache. It's very simple! You can choose from four different finishes {including unfinished} - I went for the zero-VOC Linseed Oil finish and I couldn't be happier with my choice. It looks beautiful with the grey walls and greenery! Knowing my bed was responsibly-made right here in the States has made me think more about my future furniture purchases. psst... they have organic couches!

I think everyone reading this blog post will love the Savvy Rest Organic Kapok Pillows. Kapok is a buoyant natural fiber making it a perfect alternative to down. Much like the bed, these fluffy {& super comfy} guys are customizable, too! You can take out the right amount of filling to make it your dream pillow. I saved my leftovers to make another pillow... now, to find the time ;) Not only does Savvy Rest offer you the best in organic sleep goods, they also give back through their Safe Sleep Pillows program where they donate a pillow to guests in emergency shelters. They have, also, partnered with Global ReLeaf, an American Forest's primary tree-planting program. While you are creating a more sustainable bedroom for your home, you are helping others & the planet at the same time! Now, that's pretty awesome :D

I'm sure, by now, you are wondering where that gorgeous blanket came from. Well first off, it's a great price - $42! Second, it comes from a really sweet online shop called Redemption Market. The Sand La Playa Blanket is hand-woven on in-home looms by artisans in Mexico, and comes in Teal, Mint & Grey, as well. Because it's a blend, it is softer than traditional Mexican blankets. I think it's the perfect decor for the Esmont bed and a lovely snuggle buddy, too. Check out the entire Redemption Market online store - they have a beautifully curated selection of fair trade gifts - from home to accessories, you will find something to fall in love with.  

My bedsheets are very comfortable {made of Tencel} but very old. I have a wish list - {my old sheets will be great for guests :D} - for when the right time comes for new ones! There are two brands who have dreamy looking sheets who I think you will love - they both use different fabrics, so it's great to have options if you have a preference:

  • Syona Home uses 100% organic cotton supporting sustainable farming practices. The sheets are produced in manufacturing facilities which use low-impact and non-toxic dye. They look like total luxury!

  • Living Fresh uses Eucalyptus {yes, the flowering plant} to create their bed sheets. Their line is hypoallergenic and comes in beautiful natural-like colors. I love the seaglass!

I'm having so much fun decorating our little apartment. I can't wait to decorate around holidays, and seasons - more photos to come!! 

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