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A Slow Saturday with Fair Tea, Organic Creams & Ethical Threads

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featuring My Red Tea & AmaElla

After a month of adventure, I am finally back in the sunshine state. Although I am happy to be home, I really miss all the relaxing mornings I had abroad. Every day we were somewhere new so my view was constantly changing. Even though we were moving from town to town {we visited about 30!}, our mornings were slow. My dad would usually go run to the closest Boulangerie to pick up some croissants, and we would have our breakfast in the hotel room. We would plan our day, and around 11 we were off. 

Back home, I don't take my time in the morning. I start working right away, and I don't leave my computer until 2pm for some lunch. This holiday of mine has made me want to change my routine. I want to take things slower - just like all the products I use. I'm constantly preaching about a life full of conscious goods that are made slow & honest. However, I don't feel I live the same life as the way they are being produced. I'm always go-go-go. My anxiety is constantly through the roof, and I think this 'fast' approach to life makes my work sloppy. I'm proud of myself for finally taking a vacation after going full time with Sustainably Chic over a year ago. I didn't answer emails, plan new posts or get stuck thinking about social media {although I did post a lot of photos of beautiful France, but I mean, how could you not?!}. I'm feeling so refreshed and ready to start working smarter, slower & more relaxed. 

Now on to what makes a perfect Saturday morning {besides good company & beautiful weather}...

I start my mornings with a small cup of coffee & then I immediately switch to tea. This is the first time I have ever tried red tea, and it has quickly become a new favorite. I brought My Red Tea's Rooibos Tea with me on my entire trip, along with their Rooibos Body Cream. Both of them combined are a wonderful morning treat!  

Why I Love 'My Red Tea'

Both the tea & body cream are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Sustainable & Fairly-Made. Rooibos is a native plant to South Africa, and is high in anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals. It is naturally caffeine-free, and has a sweet, nutty flavor. For all the tea lovers, I highly recommend trying it out for yourself! I love it hot in the morning, but now I'm back in this heat, I'm going to take Kim's {the founder} advice and try it cold! The Rooibos Body Cream is very smooth, great for all skin types {even safe for the little ones!} and extremely moisturizing. If you are someone who doesn't like scented lotions, this will be perfect for you - It's a very subtle scent!

My Red Tea is the full package - it's about your tea, your health and your well being, as well as the proud farmers behind it. Therefore, each purchase gives 10% back to the farmers, and helps support education in the Rooibos farming communities. What's interesting about Rooibos is the way it is harvested. It's quite eco-friendly because there is no irrigation needed so less water is used, and it's harvested by hand which has been going on for hundreds of years. Even their packaging has taken the planet into consideration, and is made from a supplier who is Forest Stewardship Council® certified. 


Ready to pour yourself a cup & freshen up that skin? Click here to shop. 

 Sipping tea in a nightgown overlooking a beautiful garden - could I do this everyday, please?! I used to just come home and change into a baggy college shirt & wear it for days around the house. It's only been the last few years where I started taking 'pride' in what I wore at home & under my clothing. Now, I have fun with it & it's exciting to find new ethical lingerie and lounge brands! 

Why I Love AmaElla

A gorgeous lingerie line inspired by nature, AmaElla is Ethically-Made with Sustainable Materials. Created by two friends on a mission to promote a better way of doing fashion, this UK-based brand is making cotton chicer than ever. The sweet prints & trims are giving the usual cotton undies a total makeover!! I get the question a lot of 'where can I find cotton lingerie that is pretty AND sustainable?'. It used to stump me until now. AmaElla is checking off all of your requirements. Besides choosing to use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, they also care about who is making your garment. Therefore, they have only partnered up with ethical fashion manufacturers - one in the UK & one in Portugal. The UK partner is a non-profit social enterprise training young women & developing their skills within the fashion industry. The Portuguese manufacturer holds the GOTS certification and only employs women in the area in order to help conserve the textile heritage of the community. 

I'm wearing the lovely négligé & romance briefs - both so comfortable & wonderful to wear! The négligé is made in the UK out of embroidered organic and fair trade cotton voile. I'm obsessed with the lace trimming on the straps. The romance briefs are made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton in Portugal, and have the most unique v cut-out on the front and back - So flattering! 


Sleep well knowing your lingerie is making the industry brighter, & click here to shop the entire AmaElla collection. 

Hope everyone has a slow & beautiful Saturday!!



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