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Bon + Vie

It’s always nice to learn about a new online store that isn’t only selling sustainable products, but is educating consumers on ways they can create more change within the movement. Our voices can be heard in so many different ways than just through a purchase, and Bon + Vie is showing us how.


Reasons to Love Bon + Vie

Breaks down the complicated concept ‘sustainability’: This is a word you see A LOT, today. Five years ago, it wasn’t nearly as visible on social media, and now, with more voices joining in, the message has gotten a little chaotic. Bon + Vie has a section where they define sustainability and speak about their own standards and values when consuming. They have a very balanced approach, which is so important!!

Education on taking action: I love how Bon + Vie breaks down the many different ways you can become involved in this movement. They help you find your cause and how to show your support, and even ways on how you can become an activist. You have a great list of podcasts and influencers to follow, as well as, books and movies to watch to learn more about different topics within sustainability.

Products you can easily adopt in your life: Bon + Vie’s selection of sustainable goods are very practical, and they have a few brands I use all the time. For example - Plaine Products is a zero-waste bath and body brand who is taking plastic away from the bathrooms (my hair loves this brand, and a lot of people in my family now use it, too!), and Swedish Stockings is using recycled nylon to create some of the best socks and stockings on the market. I have several pair and can’t get through a winter without them!


What to Check Out

Click to shop Bon + Vie and their group of sustainable brands - and learn how you can take action here.


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