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A Guide to Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Clothing for Children

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Elliott is about to turn a year old, and I finally feel as if I’m qualified to be writing this post - or maybe I should say, I’m interested at this point in my life to write this kind of post. I’m thinking more about what he has in his closet, before what I have. Growing up, my mom would always joke that she never went shopping for herself because she was always shopping for my brother and I.

Well, okay.. now, I see where she is coming from.

All I do is think about that little booger, and I’m sure, if you’re a mom, you are the same way.

You want the very best for them, and {if you came here} you probably want to make sure their clothing respects the planet, too.


Second-Hand Clothing

The very first thing I do, when shopping for Elliott, is buy 2nd-hand. I love going to Once Upon a Child, and other pre-loved stores for kids. I usually always find what I’m looking for, and you can’t beat the prices. Plus, you can sell the clothing back after it’s been worn. Kids grow too quick to have a brand new wardrobe every few months.

Online swapping sites like Swap Society also have a great selection of used clothing. You can read more about how their system works here.

However, I’m a firm believer in supporting the makers within the fashion industry. I don’t think it’s sustainable to always buy second-hand - lots of us would lose our jobs.

buy-back programs

There are some online stores and brands who offer new product, and buy it back after you are finished to resell on their site.

Mini-Cycle offers a variety of baby brands, and will take back anything you purchase from them. Their closed-loop system allows you to keep recycling clothing through a trading system. See how it works here.

Little Lentil Clothing is an organic line who also takes back clothing to sell in their Loved Again section. Read more about their send-back program here and how you can save 15%.


organic clothing brands

While Elliott wears mostly 2nd-hand, there are a few organic brands I love to support. Not only are they creating a more sustainable industry for childrenswear, but they are dressing our little ones in fabrics that are safe for their skin!

I mentioned Little Lentil Clothing clothing above - their organic separates are really great for mixing and matching. Mini + Meep creates the CUTEST illustrations for their onesies, some even mama can wear. Soul Flower is for the peace & love child, and Fresh Little Love helps you build a capsule wardrobe through a subscription service so you don’t have to think about what to get! A few other online stores who carry multiple organic brands are EarthHero & Green Roost.


I’m constantly updating my Brands to Love page, so be sure to check out the Kiddos section from time to time!!

Enjoy those little ones <3