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A Greener Kitchen with Composting & Bamboo Ware

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Looking for eco-friendly kitchen gadgets which won't hurt your wallet? Natural Home Products is helping us turn our kitchens green with their amazing assortment of natural and eco kitchen wares. Based out of Northern California, they are the leading company in sustainable compost bins & compostable bags. Their bins are sleek & chic, and can be paired with compostable bags to make things easy. You're just a few clicks away from a greener, cleaner kitchen - click below to read more...

Composting is becoming a more popular topic, and honestly, quite new to me in my adulthood. My parents always composted when I was growing up, but I never really understood the value until I started trying to live a greener life the past few years. So, why should you compost? Composting helps reduce landfill waste & emissions, as well as dependence on fossil fuels - oh & it's easy! I think what a lot of people have pictured is an ugly, smelly compost bin sitting in their house. But not here! This is a compost bin you don't mind having out as decoration. The Ceramic Kitchen Compost Bin comes in two colors - cherry & white, and fits a gallon of your food scraps. It is made from non-toxic, natural material and is BPA free. The charcoal filter helps reduce odors for 4-6 months. Stainless steel kitchen? Match it with the {recycled} Stainless Steel Compost Bin. If you are trying to avoid mess, and want an easy way to discard your scraps from the compost bin, try their SMART Compostable Bags. They fit perfectly into the bins, and are made from BioFina Compostable Resin - these are not your normal plastic bags! 

I've spoken about bamboo a few times this month on the blog, however, it was with clothing. Now, we are talking kitchen gadgets. Crazy how much you can create with this plant! One of the most sustainable resources, bamboo is rapidly renewable and matures quickly. It is less porous than wood, which gives less room for bacteria making your kitchen utensils appear cleaner for a longer period of time. Bamboo kitchen utensils don't absorb moisture or odor, and are built to last. Also, bamboo is a great alternative when cooking because it does not scratch non-stick cookware like wood, metal or plastic utensils do. Oh & they look better, too ;) Pictured are the Salad Hands {so cute} and Solid Turner, which are both made out of 100% bamboo. I've loved having both of these gadgets in my kitchen, and know they will be with me for a very long time! 

The other Solid Turner pictured is made out of MOBOO®, a molded bamboo. MOBOO® is an all natural-alternative to plastic, and could easily fool you {it looks like plastic!}. Not made with PVC, this is made from fully matured bamboo plants, and produced with rice starch and an all-natural plant-based binder. They are just as strong as plastic, odor resistant, and dishwasher safe. The Slotted Spoon is, also, made from MOBOO® - it comes in red, too!! 

These Veggie Bags are your best friend at the supermarket. Use them to organize and throw in your plastic free veggies and fruit. A breathable bag makes for fresher vegetables, so you can enjoy your food longer {if you are like me & hate throwing out food - these are a must-have}!

Shop Natural Home Product's entire online store - here - &  use code chic20 for 20% off your entire purchase!

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