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you may be a LOVR if you care about the products you use on your skin ;)

I'm sure many of you who read this blog are Etsy shoppers, and love supporting the makers. LOVR is pretty similar - think of it as an Etsy for natural beauty. All small & eco-minded brands under one roof makes conscious shopping easy. The beauty industry is HUGE, today. Almost $100 billion is spent globally on skin care, cosmetics and perfumes, and this is growing at 7% a year. The majority of the industry are run by huge corporations, which has taken so much away from the independent businesses.

Here's where sustainability plays a large role in online shops like LOVR:

  • you are able to purchase items which are safe for you and the environment 
  • your purchase supports the makers & small business
  • by supporting the conscious makers, we are cleaning the beauty industry up

LOVR has over 40 brands, and offers the natural beauty consumer great products in Skincare, Haircare, Cosmetics, Bath&Body, Fragrance, Mommy & Me and even Men's! 

I'm here to share with you four of their brands: We Love EyesKismet CosmeticsD.I.D Nail Paint, & Twinkle Apothecary.


Starting with the eyes, today - We Love Eyes' Ultimate #Girlboss Eye Makeup Removal Kit takes stubborn eye liner, mascara and shadow off easily. For years, I would use Neutrogena, and after I went the natural beauty route I started using soap and water - which doesn't work that great. I would scrub my eyes until they were red, and I still ended up going to bed with some black under my eyes. Problem solved - This kit is the BEST!! I start with the Makeup Remover Oil {which really gets the job done} & follow with the Foaming Cleanser to give it a good rinse and clean. We Love Eyes is optometrist made, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, non-toxic and totally recommended by me ;) 

Focusing on the eyes a bit more, Kismet Cosmetic's Mascarade All-Natural Mascara is a blend of natural Beeswax and Organic Carnauba Wax, which help separate, lengthen and thicken your lashes. No more flaking or clumping!! This is the second natural mascara I have tried, and I've converted. I have pretty long lashes to begin with {thanks Dad}, but I do notice a significant difference when using Mascarade!  

A lot of concern I've had from readers deals with packaging. People ask, "well how can it be labeled 'green' wrapped in plastic?". The answer is pretty complex, and depends on the brand, but there aren't too many businesses who have switched to an alternative form of packaging {this could be because of price, shipping, practicality, ect}. If you have been looking for brands who don't choose plastic, Twinkle Apothecary is one to check out. Their Deodorants are packaged in a biodegradable paperboard, push up tube - how cool!!  Stefanie, the creator, uses plant-based butters, oils, waxes, and clay to create the deodorant, as well as natural essential oils for the scents. Plus, it's a natural deodorant which works, and I like the fact they aren't overpowering at the same time. I've been using the Adore scent, and the Pink Mafia is next on my list to try! 

Last, but not least, is this awesome nail polish brand, D.I.D! This is my first bottle of non-toxic polish, and I want every color, now. I feel as if it's been ages since I've painted my nails, and with D.I.D. I'm excited to take the time to do so. Their colors are quick drying, bold and eco-friendly. The Voyeur shade is a neutral perfect for everyday wear. Go get your nails did eco-style! 

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