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A Bundle of Love & Economic Opportunity

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Responsibly- Curated Kitchen Bundle 

collaboration with De La Gente, Kakaw Designs & Sustainably Chic

If you have read this blog over the last few years, by now you probably know how much I love a conscious box of goods. Bringing great causes together is what this community is all about. I'm super excited to partner up with Kakaw Designs & De La Gente to bring you this wonderful {& useful} Kitchen Bundle! 

A brand out of Guatemala, Kakaw Designs partners with traditional weavers and artisans to produce accessories out of repurposed materials and new handwoven textiles. They work to create economic opportunity for these women so they can continue their craft and support their families. You can meet all the talented artisans - here

De La Gente creates special projects which help support direct trade, economic development and sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers in Guatemala. Through direct trade, coffee producers are able to earn dignified incomes by cutting out intermediaries and connecting with buyers. Plus, they make a mean roast, and knowing my morning coffee is improving communities makes for a great start to the day. 

Ready to use your purchasing power to make a difference?

With this bundle, you will receive: 

- 2 Tea Towels: A beautiful addition to your kitchen using traditional textile scraps leftover from bag and scarf production at Kakaw Designs. These "scraps" are hand-embroidered with naturally-dyed cotton thread, supporting two groups of artisan women (weavers who dye the thread, and the women who embroider) in Guatemala.

- 1 Set of Coasters: Also supporting the two groups of artisan women and made with leftover scraps and naturally-dyed cotton embroidery along the edges.

- 1 Bag of De La Gente Coffee: Freshly packaged Full City Whole Bean coffee creating economic opportunities for small holder coffee farmers in Guatemala.

This bundle is available to US residents at $75 {$86 value} plus free shipping! Email to sign up and receive a paypal invoice. In order to provide you with the freshest roast, all orders will be shipped out at the end of February - sign up for yours by 2/26 & let's support our fellow global citizens!!