Sustainably Chic

A Brand Fighting to End Poverty Through the Empowerment of Women

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I've said this time and time again, the only way to break the chain of poverty is through empowerment. While charity may seem positive and makes you feel great when donating, it continues the cycle over & over & over - making it impossible for those living in poor conditions to rise above {I suggest watching Poverty Inc. to learn a little more on this topic in a fast and engaging way!}. 

Job creation can help empower, and My Fight is here to focus on the women artisans! They want to change the reputation of high poverty rate into artisan skill. They want the countries they work with to be known for their talents rather a lack of money. The women My Fight partners with are visionaries wanting to go against the norm and make real change for their communities and families. 

I love when a brand can create sustainable jobs while using materials found in their own surroundings. The artisans from My Fight use brass bullet casings leftover from former war conflicts. They collect them from the fields, melt them down and forge into beads. The selected beads are coated with silver & copper and used to create the beautiful jewelry you find on their site! {p.s. they also make beautiful leather bags and few pieces of clothing, too!} 

What's so great about My Fight is the affordability. They even have a list of all their products under $50. Since I am constantly getting the question of 'what brands make affordable fair fashion?' I'm glad to add another on to that list for ya!  

What I'm Wearing

Selene Collar Necklace: Okay, I am absolutely obsessed with this necklace right now. Even wore it to take my new Driver License photo! Contrary to its look, the Selene Collar is extremely lightweight and made from hollow brass. It's embossed with this gorgeous Art Nouveau Design, and even has a matching cuff & earrings

Double Coin Silver Choker: This is one of the necklaces I was speaking about using the brass bullet casings. While the coins are usually worn in the front, for some reason I love wearing it backwards if I have a low top on. You'd agree it looks pretty great, right? 

 Sustainably Supported by My Fight. As always, all views are genuine & products are truly loved! Help support the brands who support Sustainably Chic, so I can continue to bring you the best in sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle :) Thanks, everyone! #sponsored