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A Brand After My Own Heart, This Zero-Waste & Ethically-Made Clothing Brand is Helping Solve Some Major Issues within the Fashion Industry

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Where Every Thread Matters

I'm not sure I can even think of another brand who does zero-waste fashion this beautifully. It amazes me how they can take discarded fabric and create something so fresh. There is definitely a lot of thought put into each design, and it takes a truly creative team to make this all possible.

Three Reasons to Love tonlé

Zero-Waste: If you aren't familiar with the zero-waste strategies within the fashion industry, there are two popular ones {1} where all the materials are used within a pattern {2} where garments are made from existing materials. tonlé believes in combining the two in order to honor their commitment to sustainability to the fullest. The process isn't at all glamorous, but worth every step. They start in remnant material markets where designers and brands have sent factory castoffs. {this is why I mentioned the creativity of the design team – you really have to have an innovative mind for this task} The fabric found in these large markets are then cut into strips for the new tonlé garments. They take the remaining strips and cut them down smaller and individually hand sew them into yarn which will then be woven into clothing and accessories.

Ethically-Made: Currently, tonlé employs 30 talented people within their Phnom Penh workshop in Cambodia. Their workers earn fair wages and benefits, including lots of extras like vacation packages, free lunch, training opportunities and team retreats. They even have the opportunity to rise up into management positions. tonlé also works with a weaving cooperative in Northern Cambodia employing 20 artisans who are experts in their craft for over 20 years.

Thoughtful Design: Their production process is a unique one, and truly makes the product even more stunning. The aesthetic is, of course, beautiful, but the way they create is what makes it exceptional. You can find a complete list of their production practices here. Like I mentioned with their zero-waste initiatives, nothing is left uncounted for. Even their smallest scraps are made into recycled office paper and sticky rice for their hang tags!

What I'm Wearing

Srey Oun Sweater in Palm & Black: Probably one of the most unique sweaters I’ve owned, the Srey Oun is handwoven from naturally dyed recycled cotton yarn and strips of remnant cotton jersey. Those little black tabs you see are those remnant pieces! How cool is that?! This sweater is a wonderful piece for multiple seasons because it’s lightweight enough to wear on its own and then great for layering when the cooler months set in.

Sreylek Trouser in Black {currently only in grey}: Officially my favorite black pants, the Sreylek Trousers are extremely versatile. They are basically an upscale jogger so they can pair well with flats, heels or sneakers. With the fitted ankles you are able to easily adjust lengths, and they are SO comfy {even when made from remnant cotton jersey}. Makes you happy someone decided to pick the fabric up before going into a landfill! By purchasing this pair of slacks, you are saving 480 days of drinking water and avoiding 21.6 miles of driving emissions & .5 lbs of harmful pesticides.

Where to Purchase

You can find their entire Fall/Winter Collection – here – and don't forget to stay up-to-date with the best zero-waste fashion on Instagram.


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