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6 Tips for Building a Capsule Wardrobe

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it's as easy as 1,2,3.... & 4,5,6 ;)

I have to admit, the Capsule Wardrobe is pretty new to me - something I stumbled across a few years back when starting this blog - but it really isn't new. Susie Faux, a London boutique owner, coined the term 'Capsule Wardrobe' in the 1970s. The simplified wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items {meant to last through trends} which can be paired with seasonal pieces. Today, you typically find capsule wardrobes containing less than 40 pieces. The number still seems big, but go hang out in your closet for a bit and you will find - it is a lot smaller than you think. I'll be the first to confess, my wardrobe does not have less than 40 items. Do I love the concept? Yes. Am I working towards a solid, more defined wardrobe? Yes. Studying fashion & living a rather spoiled life in my early 20s, my closet is pretty full. I'm turning 27 in two weeks, and the meaning of fashion has really changed for me. I put more thought into my purchases, and trends are the least of my worries {although, some trends are styles I already loved ;)}. To me, the Capsule Wardrobe is a way to simplify your life and find better balance in your busy days. It is a chance for you to learn about your purchases, and buy items with purpose. Not to mention, it saves you time & money! We all need to slow down a bit, don't ya think?! I'm guilty, too! Click below to find 6 tips for building your own Capsule Wardrobe! 

1. Shop businesses centered around Capsule Wardrobing

Having trouble figuring it out? No problem! There are businesses out there who have your back. More Clothing Co. houses some great ethical clothing companies for both men and women. Each season, they will add upon their curated collection so you are able to mix and match throughout the year. They say, "We don't need a lot of clothes, just the right ones". So true! Their Zion Chambray Shorts are the perfect fit for your summer capsule wardrobe.  More Clothing Co. only supports brands of transparency. Not only are you getting a quality product, you are purchasing an article of clothing which was ethically produced with the environment in mind. 

Good news: Use code lifeismore for 10% off your first purchase.

2. Ask yourself, "Can I wear this 30+ times?"

This is easy, if you can't say 'yes' - don't buy it! I've worn the same holiday dress for years. Even for more formal events, you can have your go-to. Of course, this doesn't mean you get rid of it on the 30th wear ;)

3. Stick with neutral tones

Neutral tones are easier to work with, especially with mix-and-matching. Dark reds and greens are nice, too. I would stay away from bright colors with clothing, and leave it for the accessories.

4. Accessories are your friend

They sure are! This is where you can get a little more playful. Adding a pop of color here and there can make your wardrobe feel 'new' again. Think scarves, necklaces, belts.. just not too much :D

5. Shop at the beginning of each season

This is a time saver for sure. Also, it makes you sit down and think about what you already have and what you actually need. One & done! Now, you just need to unlink your paypal account. 

6. Keep in mind your roll-over pieces

Purchase items which will go with clothing you already have. If you buy a piece which doesn't fit, you are more likely to build another wardrobe around it - and remember, we are trying to simplify things, right? 

Zion Chambray Shorts  | Knox Tie Top by  Stormie Dreams  | Turtleneck from  Belvele  |  Temperate  Dress | Indigo Scarf by  Noy Road

Zion Chambray Shorts | Knox Tie Top by Stormie Dreams | Turtleneck from Belvele | Temperate Dress | Indigo Scarf by Noy Road

Everything I have written above are things I tell myself everyday in my closet. Being a 'fashion' blogger, it gets a little more tricky {comes with the territory, type thing} but once I find a balance within my business, I know my closet will become more capsule friendly. I hope this helps anyone who is looking to simplify their closet & free up some space AND time for other wonderful life activities. :)

What are your favorite seasonless go-to pieces?