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6 Steps to a Sustainable Coffee Routine with Ethical Bean Coffee

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know your beans..

If you’re like me, you don’t go a morning without your usual cup of joe. I’ve gotten so dependent, my day just isn’t the same without it. Since I’ve become attached to this morning ritual, I’ve had to make some adjustments over the years in order for it to play well into a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve pretty much eliminated going out for coffee unless I know the business is in line with my ethos, which is more difficult to find here in the deep south. I keep my coffee at home because I know I can control it, and feel good about this habit ;). So, I get it.. sustainability is a journey and there isn’t one way for us all. My routine isn’t flawless {I still use an electric grinder I got as a gift years ago} but, for me, it is the most sustainable at this point in my life. Below is my ideal coffee routine, which starts with the beans… 

1. Coffee Beans from Ethical Bean Coffee

It’s important to know where those beans come from - transparency is key!! A business specializing in 100% Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee cares about their impact on the planet. Sip with confidence knowing your beans have been sustainably sourced and help contribute to communities all over the world. Even their roasting is done in a carbon neutral, green energy facility in Vancouver, Canada. Not to mention, the roasts taste really really good ;) I like a classic cup of coffee so I’ve been enjoying their Classic, Medium Roast most mornings, with the Sweet Espresso, Medium Dark Roast as a treat a few times a week. The Sweet Espresso has a dark chocolate undertone without the bitterness. Typically, I’m not an ‘espresso’ fan, but this has easily become one of my favorite roasts. Definitely one to try!! What’s interesting about their roasts, you can track exactly where they came from - crop to cup - with the QR code. Cool, huh!? 

2.   Kettle

In the beginning of my coffee days, I was lazy. I mean, it’s morning, right?! I loved just turning my coffee maker on, and letting it brew for me. Today, I enjoy the process of creating an awesome cup of coffee, and I wake up with eyes half open to turn my kettle on each morning. When you think top quality kitchen ware, you think Le Creuset, a French brand known to last your whole life. I’ve heard mix reviews on the Kettle I’ve owned for years, but I’ve never experienced any problems myself. I can’t imagine my morning without this kettle. 

3. Grinder

Nothing is more fresh than grinding your own beans, so I always go for whole bean over ground. I use an electric grinder I have had for years, but a manual one is certainly a better choice. The Red Roosting Trading Company makes their coffee grinders in the US - all made to order! 

4. French Press

After having my first cup of french pressed coffee, I could never drink coffee any other way. Our french press was bought a couple of years ago from a local coffee shop, and has worked perfectly for us. The stainless steel one, to the left, is made right here in the US and harder to break. {we have had to replace our glass in the past}

5. Cream & Sugar

{of course, optional}

I’m a fan of a dark cup of coffee, but, on occasion, I like to add something sweet. Dairy free is my tummy’s {& earth’s} preference ;) 

6. Dispose

Coffee grounds can be composted!! When you’re done, throw them in one of Natural Home Product’s compost bins. Visit my post about composting, here. 

Have some extra time on your hands? Coffee grounds can be made into scrubs which have amazing benefits for your skin. has a great DIY!

Post sponsored by Ethical Bean Coffee, however, totally genuine! Companies listed on Sustainably Chic are always approved & loved.

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Now, what are your favorites in your morning Coffee Routine?!