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5 Ways to Be a Better Earth Advocate in 2019

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay

This post is short & sweet, but something I needed to put down in words to remind myself and anyone else who struggles with being green. In a world of constant go-go-go and disposable everything, feeling like you are making a difference can be tough. I’m super hard on myself, and I know I can do better - but some days, I feel like giving up. I hope these 5 ‘rules’ I’m giving myself for the year will help inspire you to keep fighting the good fight, too!

  1. Lead by example.

    One of the best ways to encourage others are through your own actions. Rather than using words, showing people how you live is much more inspiring than telling them how they should change. After all, no one likes to hear they are wrong, and making others feel guilty is counterproductive.

  2. Celebrate the small steps.

    Even if it’s as small as bringing a reusable straw with you to the coffee shop every morning! Everything counts, and those little changes add up in the end. I go for one eco-swap a month and try to perfect it - for example, you can replace your paper napkins for cloth. Easy, peasy.

  3. Include everyone.

    We all have different lifestyles, diets, religions, bank accounts… do I need to go on? Sustainability doesn’t have a cookie cutter mold for everyone, and what works for you, might not work well for someone else. Be respectful, compassionate and understanding of their journey, too.

  4. Remain positive.

    This one is the toughest of them all for me. There will always be someone who thinks you aren’t doing enough, which can be a low blow to morale. You know what works best for you! Don’t sweat the small stuff or beat yourself up over breaking some rules. & stay off those online debates… :P

  5. Always leave room for changes.

    With busy schedules and the introductions of new products, a ‘green’ life is an ever changing journey. You have to be flexible, and willing to adapt based off your immediate surroundings and comfort level. Being set in your ways makes it hard to progress, and none of us have it down pact, yet.

Wishing everyone a happy new year & I look forward to continuing this eco journey with you <3