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5 Tricks for a 'Natural' Smile

Conscious ListsNatalie Kay
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With over 50 million pounds of toothbrushes being thrown into US landfills a year and tons of unnecessary chemicals added into your everyday toothpastes and mouthwash, there has to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to experience great oral hygiene. Well, we are in luck! Lots of great brands have done their part to make this world a little less wasteful and toxic,  and offer us some wonderful products which are good for our health AND the planet. If you are new in your sustainable journey beginning with how you care for your teeth is the easiest start! 

1. Bamboo Toothbrush by Mable

First, you need to start with the toothbrush. I think most of us can agree, the plastic has got to go - bamboo is where it's at! Not only are Mable's {self-standing} bamboo toothbrushes biodegradable & chic, they give back to our communities, too. For every toothbrush purchased, one is given to a U.S. child. Through their BUY GIVE TEACH program, Mable travels to schools to educate kids on sustainable choices, personal health and conscious products. They are passionate about bringing environmental awareness to a new generation of consumers. A toothbrush which supports sustainability education, has a little carbon footprint and cleans my teeth well is a winner in my book :D If you need to make the switch, I highly recommend saying 'yes' to bamboo & choosing Mable!

2. Natural Toothpowder by Ashley Asti

My go-to tooth'paste' this year has been Ashley Asti's Tea Tree & Clay Toothpowder. I never thought a powder could make my mouth feel so refreshed! The essential oils help clean, protect and whiten your teeth. Plus, $.50 of every sale are donated to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, a nonprofit shelter in New York for farm animals rescued from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

{also, I don't always use a cleaner when brushing my teeth : according my dental hygienist friend, it isn't necessary - we just like it! so, if you're out or forgot some on your trip, no worries!}

3. DIY Toothpaste by Leotie Lovely

Haven't fallen in love with an eco-toothpaste, yet? My good blogger friend Holly of Leotie Lovely created a post & vlog a few months back on how to make your own eco toothpaste in 5 minutes flat. It's an old family recipe, and incredibly easy to make! Make sure to follow her blog daily as she is constantly coming out with new sustainable tips & tricks to make living eco a little easier for us all. 

4. Vegan Floss by RADIUS

I have to admit.. I am the worst flosser. It is just one of those things I forget to do... I need to be better. I have rolls of old floss which need to be used, but once I'm in the market for new floss this vegan floss is my next purchase! {click photo to purchase} The floss is 100% VEGAN, Leaping Bunny & Cruelty Free Certified, and comes in a recyclable container.  

5. High End Mouthwash by Oral Essentials

Now I know mouthwash isn't necessary, but if it adds great value to your life then go for it. I love a good mouthwash every once in a while, and this one is on my radar. {click photo to purchase} If you are needing to wash away those coffee stains, the Oral Essentials Mouthwash is great at whitening teeth {so I've read!}. If you purchase it, let me know how you like it!


Here's to many happy & healthy smiles!